Winter honeymoon packages

More and more couples are selecting to have their honeymoon in the winter rather than a traditional spring or summer wedding and honeymoon. Having a wedding between November and February has become an ever increasing trend, which also requires the need for a winter honeymoon package. With holiday companies understanding this trend, more and more winter honeymoon packages and destinations have been created, meaning that there are literally thousands of honeymoon packages for couples to choose from.

Preparation is essential when your planning everything, this is perhaps more so when you’re planning a honeymoon in winter, with everyone trying to get home for Christmas and the holidays to be with their loved ones, if you’re planning on going on honeymoon during this period I would suggest booking several months in advance to firstly get the best deals and secondly to avoid any disappointments on your honeymoon.

The most popular winter honeymoon destinations often include Paris, Venice, New York and London; they are all incredible destinations to spend your honeymoon, but if you want to escape the cold winter temperatures then a honeymoon to warmer climes is essential. Below are some examples of some incredible honeymoon packages that will help you escape the winter chill.

Australia – is described by many as a world in one country because of its sheer size. Australia is the sixth largest country in the world, teeming with adventure at every corner, with idyllic beaches, beautiful rainforests and cosmopolitan cities. Some people can be put off the 20 hour flight to get to Australia but there are several ways around this, should you not wish to be on a plane for 20 straight hours. You could opt for a twin centre honeymoon and break up the journey by stopping over in Hong Kong, Singapore or Bangkok, soaking up some Asian culture whilst recharging your batteries before you continue your journey down under. There are so many things to see and do in Australia from climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge, visiting the world famous Sydney Opera House, taking a winelands tour and sampling some of Australia’s finest wines. For those who are seeking a more intimate and romantic honeymoon then a visit to the Great Barrier Reef is a must, taking in a spot of snorkelling, or scuba diving before heading out to the Australian outback.

The Maldives – is an idyllic group of small islands located in the Indian Ocean, offering over a thousand white sandy beaches, turquoise waters and incredible coral reefs. It’s an incredible destination for scuba diving and water sports, but if you just simply wish to sit back and relax then I can think of no greater place to do so. This is a destination for you to enjoy your privacy as most resorts and lodges are built on one island, meaning you literally have an island to yourself.

There are so many incredible honeymoon packages to choose from in winter and I have shared with you my two favourite destinations, please make sure that you enjoy planning your honeymoon and that you savour each and every moment of your honeymoon.

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