Why Do So Many Love Maldives Tour Packages

On this archipelago of 1192 islands, there are 80 islands that have scenic beauty unlike any you have seen before. These Maldives tour packages have the perfect leisure for you and your loved ones. Come to thrill or romance, as the Maldives travel is ready for every challenge you can imagine.

Water Sports in Maldives holidays

It is almost like a rule. You must explore the exotic beaches of Maldives or the depths of the sea on Maldives travel. You cannot father the true beauty of these islands without a dip the fresh water or a ride over it. So, the most popular water sports in the region are scuba diving, snorkeling and wind surfing. There are several dive sites for scuba diving. The coral reef and sunken wreckage give a fascinating variety of experiences. Though snorkeling is limited to exploring the marine life and the coral life are exciting enough experiences to make a serious attempt at it.

You can also explore surfing. Though, there are no huge waves that most advanced surfers seek, the beaches of Maldives are exciting and interesting enough for beginner and intermediate surfers. The travel to Maldives is all about the islands and the true beauty of these islands is in their ocean and beaches. So, book the finest dive on your holiday and your stay will be enriched beyond recognition.


This is the second most popular activity. There are historic sites like Hukuru Miskiily and Grand Friday mosque. But, you would rather be watching the coral reef through submarine than exploring the inland sightseeing. Somehow, people on Maldives tour packages prefer to chill and indulge, when not exploring the adrenaline rush of the adventure sports.

You can sip a drink, barely. You can sunbathe. You can play beach volley. You can indulge into delicious local cuisine that will surprise you and make you hungry all over again.

Travel to Maldives is the like the islands holidays that are designed as the perfect escapades. As the pressure of city life mounts high, most people head out to explore the new experiences like Maldivian cuisine or the British wreck at the bottom of the ocean. So, it may seem sensible to take your mind off with these exquisite experiences for a while. So, pack your sun screen lotion and head out to these magical islands for the fun and enthralling trip that will get back the glitter in the eye and smile on the lips.

Ninad Chaudari, a Cox & Kings customer care executive, is an avid travel enthusiast. He recently travelled to Maldives and explored local sightseeing, adventure activities, food and hotels. On his Cox & King special Maldives tour packages; he had some unforgettable travel experiences. He believes, the best way to enjoy the Maldives holiday is to live in the moment and relish it all.

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