Why Choose the Maldives for Your Christmas Vacation

The Maldives make for a fine Christmas vacation destination whether you are travelling with your significant other, extended family or just a few friends. What makes the Maldives such a fine destination? The beautiful locale speaks for itself, but here are a few other reasons:

Rich Culture
With so many cultural attractions located on the Maldives, it is no wonder that so many people want to visit. Take, for instance, the National Museum and Sultan Park. Both are rich in historical and cultural significance. The Grand Friday mosque is also a sight to behold. These are the titbits of culture visitors get to experience when they step outside the resort world.

Luxurious Accommodations
Nearly 200 islands make up the inhabited Maldives. On nearly half of these islands, you will find luxury resort accommodations. The relaxing spa treatments and opportunities for pampering are perfect for the vacationer looking for a Christmas getaway.

When you plan your Christmas vacation, make sure that you know what kind of resort you are planning to stay at. For instance, dive resorts are intended for scuba divers looking for a resort catering to their needs. Holiday resorts, like those located on Kaafu, tend to be geared toward families. Luxury resorts are intended more for romantic stays.

Rich Adventure
If you are feeling adventurous over the winter holidays, head toward some of the world’s highest-class diving locations: Fish Head and Banana Reef. This is a great place to see marine life in its natural state. Imagine spending December 25th on a white beach with blue ocean waves crashing against the shore. Envision yourself snorkelling and scuba diving in clear waters. Plus, excellent waves make the Maldives a stellar place to surf.

Beautiful Weather
Fortunately, December is a dry month for the Maldives. The temperature remains warm throughout the year, typically about 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Sunshine is available throughout the year, and December is perfect because it marks the end of the monsoon season.

Delicious Dining
Food in the Maldives is unbelievable, and so many dining options make this a wonderful choice. Delicious foods include local favourites such as spicy fish cakes – also known as kulhi borkibaa. In fact, most Maldivian cuisine revolves around fish, and many dishes are quite spicy. Mas huni consists of shredded fish covered with coconut and onion shavings. This is a common breakfast. Curry and chili are also common toppings for fish dishes. Make sure to load up at a resort’s buffet for some fine Maldivian cuisine.

Not only are the Maldives picturesque, but there is also a warm, exotic culture just waiting for you. Don’t spend your Christmas shivering and surrounded by snow. Instead, get away from it all with an island excursion.

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