What Makes Soneva Fushi So Unique?

Tourism in the islands of Maldives was established in 1972 and has effectively developed over the years. In the European market, Maldives stands among the most appealing travel spots. Maldives also encourages eco-tourism since security of the environment and underwater life ranks high on the government’s list. It’s not only the divers and snorkelers who benefit from the interesting underwater resources, but beach tourists are also drawn by the nature and the climatic conditions. In Maldives, the atmosphere ensures tourists of a peaceful, healthy and frivolous stay.

You can also celebrate your honeymoon in the beautiful and romantic islands of Maldives. Enjoy the privacy and intimacy of secluded, totally natural scenery and a warm inviting atmosphere, where the sunsets are a spectacular sight! Resorts at Maldives offer you not only crystal clear waters and azure blue skies, the food palate is delicious too and the services are excellent.

As a reception symbol, almost all resorts in Maldives present honeymooners platters of fruits and rooms tinted with flowers on the arrival night. On application, resorts can also plan romantic candle-lit dinners on the seashore, to make adequate memories to cherish for a lifetime!

Soneva Fushi is a first-rate luxury resort in the Maldives. Bordered by white sandy beaches that shelve softly into the azure blue sea, the famous Soneva Fushi resort resemble considerably to the same Robinson Crusoe discovered in the well-known book.

The only distinction lies in the luxury and comforts Soneva Fushi presents in particular. Soneva Fushi’s remote setting is in reality an extra on of its charisma, presenting the ultimate in barefoot sophistication. People can fly by float plane from Male, the Maldivian capital and pay up to $ 1,000 per day to stay in villas tucked carefully amongst the tropical forests.

Set on its own elite island in Maldives, Soneva Fushi resort is regarded as one of the world’s most excellent resorts. Rustic villas and the most excellent service are among the reasons this retreat is famous among the refined class. The resort proffers the highest international standard of luxury to its guests. Exclusiveness is one trait that is quite exquisite at Soneva Fushi. The limited number of accommodations offers munificent personal space and consideration on even the tiniest detail.

Regardless of the stellar service and spa sessions worth hundreds of dollars, what in reality makes Soneva Fushi extraordinary is the understated magnificence. Its silent world, away from the disturbance of your daily life is so charming. The most startling thing is that at Soneva Fushi, people’ cell phones are taken away. You also take off your shoes and loosen with books and magazines of your preference on beach chairs, snorkelling sessions in reefs bursting with colourful fish, all just a few steps across the sand from each villa.

The full-service spa at the resort proffers a rub for every pain, a cream that heals every conceivable itch. Swedish, Thai and Japanese Shiatsu massages, all are obtainable for the visitors. Aesthetically, Soneva Fushi is the most stunning of the Maldivian resorts.

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