Visit to Male Completes Maldives Holidays

Male, the capital city is one of the most visited regions in Maldives. Although the country is widely known for its beaches however, you won’t find any beaches in the capital city. But it doesn’t mean that, you cannot get feel of beach life while spending your Maldives holidays in Male. Beach lovers can spend incredible time by the Artificial Beach. This is the place where you can rejuvenate your senses with freshness of beach waters.

During summers, the beach is known for offer great swimming experience. While spending time on the beach, you can indulge in variety of activities apart from swimming. Variety of water sports allow you to know a different definition of thrill. You can also be a part of variety of live music shows, parades and carnivals. Another worth visiting attraction in Male is National Museum Maldives. While planning cheap holidays to the Maldives, you cannot ignore this museum.

National Museum is strategically located in the Sultan Park. Originally, this park was a part of Sultan’s Palace. While walking around the museum, you can take a closer look at extensive collection of objects that belong to the centuries gone by. Take a closer look at these objects to know about the rich cultural heritage of the country. This magnificent museum was opened on 19th November 1952 with a motto of preserving the rich cultural heritage of the country.

People interested in exploring history, prefer to start their excursion from the museum. If you fall in the same category, make sure the museum is there on the list of attractions of holidays to Maldives. Exhibits in the museum display variety of ornaments and costumes of kings and queens in addition to stone items from pre-Islamic era, photographs, armors and manuscripts. If you want to take a look at the religious facet of the city, Grand Friday Mosque Male is the place to visit.

Colloquially, the mosque is known as Majid-al-Sultan Mohammed Tahkurufaanu-al-A “z” zam. This is the biggest mosque in the entire country. Sultan Ibrahim Iskandhar built in 1656 which makes it one of the oldest religious sites in the city. The museum has become an integral part of the itinerary of holidays to the Maldives because of its spectacular architecture. It can accommodate approximately 5000 people. Golden Dome is the main highlight of the mosque. While taking a closer look at the artwork, you will be captivated by its magnificence. Other highlights of the mosque are its coral engravings, minarets and tombs of national heroes.

Shopping in Male is another activity that keeps people planning cheap holidays to the Maldives. For shopaholics, Male is nothing less than a paradise. While shopping in the city, you can choose from wide variety of objects such as clothes, handicrafts, paintings, perfumes, handbags, purses and cosmetics. One of the most important markets in the city is Male Fish Market. In this market, you can choose from freshest seafood and variety of fish species. If you want to browse through quality handicrafts, visit the local market which is just a walk away from the market.

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