Visit Bandos Island Resort in the Maldives for the most romantic holiday

Located in the tropical belt, the Maldives Islands enjoy a lovely sunny climate and are warm all year. The weather is largely influenced by the Southwest monsoon between the months of May to November and then the Northeast monsoon between December to April.

The Maldives are home to some of the most amazing marine life in the world, with thousands of reefs, many different species of coral, and as many different species of fish and marine mammals you are ever likely to see in 1 place.

Resorts like the Bandos Island resort are both a PADI Gold Palm Resort and a Platinum Facility of the International Association of Nitrox and Technical Divers. If you do not wish to get too involved with the technical side of things then the snorkeling at resorts like Bandos and Filitheyo is amazing and trips are scheduled each day to local reefs if you wish to see more than the house reef.

The beaches on most Maldives islands are some of the most amazing in the world. At the Filitheyo island resort for example, the superb beaches are unbroken on each side of the island offering great walks and views and furthermore these beaches are definately not crowded.

Many of the island resorts are equipped with modern conveniences such as internet hotspots, and conference rooms but the tropical beauty of the islands are mostly unspoilt, this is what most people come to experience after all. Private accommodation and beach areas are shaded by tall palms and other vegetation.

Many resorts, such as Filitheyo have water villas or water bungalows and these are generally the most expensive but most luxurious accomodation and the snorkeling is always just a few steps away. At Filitheyo, the villas are very nice and comfortable but are open on each side to their neighbors so visitors who want more privacy may be better suited in either a superior or deluxe room. Some guests will arrange to split their holiday between different room types to vary the experience, check with your agent to see if this is possible before booking your trip.

If you are planning on getting married during your holiday to the Maldives then many resorts offer special wedding plans that can be arranged in advance. At Bandos for example, the resort accomodates visitors getting married with the “Kuda Bandos Sunset Wedding” which features a taste of traditional island ceremony with cultural costumes, Maldivian drums and a private cruise for the newlyweds on a Dhoni (Maldivian boat).

James is a freelance writer and writes about the Bandos island resort and about Holidays in the Maldives.

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