Undersea restaurants and rooms in Maldives

When one talks of Maldives, the charm of the beaches, the sea and the sports always finds a mention in the discussion. No doubt, this island has a phenomenal amount of following and is veritably a superb beach destination. But something that really makes Maldives stand out from other similar destinations is its undersea restaurant. Haven’t heard of Ithaa? Just Google it and you will know what we are talking of.

Ithaa is the world’s first underwater restaurant which is situated below the ocean’s surface and offers a wonderful 270 degree view of the sea. Being completely submerged under the sea, it is made of glasshouse and almost gives you the feeling of being in an aquarium with fishes and sharks encircling you on all sides. It is quite ironic in a way, since it is you who is actually caged while the fishes are free to roam about around you (quite the opposite of what we have in our personal aquariums).

By booking 3 days Maldives tour package, you can explore this island and have a meal at this restaurant without spending too much. The restaurant is very expensive, mind it. After all, it is counted amongst the most unique restaurants in the world. But a package running for 3 days will be relatively cheaper and will help you to save on the overall context.

Ithaa Underwater Restaurant is a property of Conrad Hotel and is one of the top Maldives attractions. Of late, a few other hotels and resorts are also coming up with their own underwater restaurants and rooms, but none have matched the opulence and the reputation of Ithaa. For instance, the Antara Resort’s Kihavah is another one you can settle for, provided you do not get a booking at Ithaa.

Yes, you will need to make an advance booking to get a table at Ithaa. It is a pretty small restaurant with barely 10-12 tables. In fact, the tables are wooden and simple. It is the view which is the prime USP of the place. Frankly speaking, no matter what changes they bring in, no amount of d├ęcor or service will come close to the view which the place offers to its visitors.

As for the menu, you can expect a number of local Maldivian dishes and a few international cuisines as well. Honestly, food will be the last thing in your mind when you enter this place. It is your eye which will enjoy its biggest feast that day.
Under 4 days Maldives honeymoon package, you may also look for a room for an overnight stay in one of the undersea restaurants at Maldives. Some of them provide the facility at a very steep price, of course.

Author Manya singh is a traveller and adventure seeker and loving her work roam around a number of travel destinations around the world. Currently she is writing about 3 days Maldives tour package and cheap Maldives honeymoon packages.

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