Uncover the Field of Fishery in Marine Wonderland Maldives

As a collective of more than 9000 coral islands and over 640km of pristine coastlines the picturesque archipelago of Maldives is a seafood lover’s dream come true. Which is why the island nation’s second largest industry is concentrated around its fisheries only second to tourism in terms of profitability. In fact well over 900,000km2 of the country’s vast oceans are devoted to the nation’s fishing industry. With an export value of over US$ 56 million the country’s culture is intrinsically lined with the fishing industry as noted by its former head of state President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom who stated “Fishing, and our country and its people, are one and shall remain inseparable forever.”

Boasting an abundance of commercial fishing varieties such as barracuda, tuna, trevally and groupers the 26 atolls that make up the archipelago are rich in marine heritage. The Maldivian fisheries can operate in four geographical conditions namely, the land areas, coral lagoons, deep sea and the outer coral shelf portions. The coral lagoons yield an abundance of reef fish as well as other marine species while deep ocean fishing expeditions explore the largest portion of the country’s exclusive economic zone ( EEZ) which is teeming with bait fish, pelagic fish and bigger species such as tuna. The largest catches are usually reported in this area as the region is inhabited by a larger number and variety of commercially viable types of fish.

Reef fisheries constitute a large portion of the fishing yield as the archipelago contains 2.8% of the globe’s coral reefs. Atoll basins meanwhile are considered a hotbed for reef fish varieties. Commercial types of reef fish include emperors, Jacks, groupers and massive snappers. Recreational fishing is also a Maldivian cultural element and most resorts on the islets offer guests the opportunity to try their hand at this age-old Maldivian activity.

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