Touring Kuramathi and Full Moon in Maldives

If you’d rather be someplace else during the cold winter, maybe somewhere warm and exotic, here are a couple of suggestions that just might provide you with much more than the tropical vacation you’ve been waiting for. I’m talking about the Maldives: that archipelago that resembles a bejeweled navel in the middle of the Indian Ocean.

Numerous coral islands of the Maldives house exclusive resorts that highlight the surrounding wonders of nature with first-class facilities and service. Island-hopping is a regular offering in the Maldives, but wouldn’t it be better if you could stay in more than one island and resort while you’re there? It would be like a double vacation all in one week.

Although there are so many options to choose from when you visit the Maldvies, there are two destinations that are continually popular amongst tourists. Kuramathi Villa in Rashdoo (North Ari) Atoll and the resort called Full Moon in the North Male Atoll. The island of Kuramathi is a perfect place to start your Maldivian experience because it’s not too remote from Male but is far enough from the busier atmosphere of the capital. From Male International Airport, a speedboat will take you straight to Kuramathi in 90 minutes.

There are three resorts on the island including Kuramathi Village. It is a good-sized resort with 151 rooms and at least four dining places. It has every modern comfort and facility available, including a cyber cafe and a photo lab, but you’ll still enjoy the tranquil feeling of being in a secluded island. What’s great about Kuramathi is that it has kept the pristine quality of its natural landscape, which can be explored through narrow footpaths winding through lush plant life. You’ll be staying at Kuramathi Village for four nights, so you’ll have plenty of time to explore.

But relaxing on the white sand beach and swimming in the cool sapphire sea will of course be your main activity of choice when you’re in such a place. There’s a range of water sports activities that Kuramathi Village offers, from snorkeling and windsurfing to deep sea fishing. A diving school is open just in case you decide to take that first deep plunge this time. At night, you can enjoy live band or disco music at Fung Bar before you go back to the air-conditioned comfort of your individual bungalow room with its own balcony and mini fridge.

After four nights in Kuramathi, you’ll hop on to another speedboat going to your next stop, Full Moon. The resort is located on the small private island of Furanafushi, just off of the North Male Atoll and much closer to the airport. Full Moon will be nothing less than your own private paradise during your three-night stay. The tour package includes a beachfront deluxe room that will charm you with its thatched roof, stone floors and teak furniture. The accommodations in both Full Moon and Kuramathi Village include meals in their main restaurants, but you can try other dining options too.

Before ending your vacation, don’t forget to indulge yourself with a spa treatment even at an extra charge. It’s important to have the best possible time while you’re on vacation, since you might have to wait a long time for your next one.

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