Top 5 Must-Do Activities In Soneva Fushi

In the tropical paradise of Kunfunadhoo on the Island of Maldives lies the most attractive resort Soneva Fushi, it is well known all around the world for its beauty. It is a shirt thirty minutes journey by seaplane from the place of Male, and is surely one of the best places to visit in Maldives.

Soneva Fushi is an island resort that has a completely natural look and feel, as it is the least manicured of all the resorts on this island. It only has 65 villas, and is not an overbuilt place. The exterior is full of white sand, which is full of driftwood, and plantations, which are cut to make pathways. Thus, it is the perfect holiday spot if you are looking for a private getaway.

One of the main attractions at the resort is the Spa which offers a great time for relaxation. This luxurious spa offers the latest treatments one can expect. You can select from a full massage to a beauty treatment or go for the different kinds of exercise regimes that they have to offer. The spa has fully trained experts which will guide you for the highest quality treatments.

Diving is another exciting and fun activity that this resort offers. Soleni is one of the famous diving centres, which offer different types of diving activities. It is a great thing for professional or amateur divers. The experts at the diving centre will guide you to the best places for scuba diving, making sure that you are in safe hands and are secure.

Stargazing is yet another fun and exciting activity at Soneva Fushi. The resort offers its own celestial observatory, where you can get a glimpse of the beautiful clear sky. It is a different experience altogether as it allows you to have a closer look at the stars.

Water sports are another exciting activity at Soneva Fushi. It offers almost every kind of water activities for you to enjoy. Many centres on the island also offer fishing activities; you can hire a boat accompanied with an expert and sail out into the sea for an amazing fishing experience. Water skiing and surfing is another activity that can be learned if you are a beginner. Speed boats are also available at the resort which can be taken out into the open sea for an amazing time.

If you are into other kinds of sports, Soneva Fushi has a lot to offer in that regard too. There are beautiful tennis courts, and golf courts on the resort where you can enjoy playing as well as have a breathtaking view of the scenery. You can also play badminton, or go running on one of the jogging tracks on the resort.

Soneva Fushi is one place which has something for everyone to enjoy and experience. It is an ideal place for relaxing over the weekend alone or with family. The holiday for this resort can be easily booked online along with accommodation; you will surely cherish your stay here for all times to come.

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