Top 5 Luxury Hotels In Soneva Fushi Maldives

If you are planning for a romantic getaway with your spouse, or just trying to unwind after the highly stressed routine life, Maldives is the right place for you. This tropical paradise offers everything you will need to forget about the rest of the world until you are ready to get back to it.

Being a popular tourist destination, Maldives offers a wide range of good hotels, and accommodations out of which, people can choose. Prior to landing to Maldives, it is advisable to have information about the accommodations there.

Located in the Mal Atoll, the Kurumba Maldives is a 5 star resort, famous for its custom traditional Maldivian structural design. This resort is well known for its beautiful antique exteriors, large bungalows and villas, ornamental pools, bright green gardens, reflecting pavilions, and a tropical atmosphere. It is a representation of luxury, because the people who reside here feel at paradise with an amazing courteous service.

Mal Atoll consists of another top luxury hotel of Maldives known as the Baros Maldives, which is a tropical island in the centre of really clear and shiny water. This resort is surrounded by marine life all around, and has a beautiful white beach. The palm trees grow further back, giving a really nice shade for people. Villas at the Baros are made out of timber, and sandstone, and is designed to give people their privacy, and wonderful views to see from them.

The Four Seasons Resort is built on the exotic Kuda Huraa Island in North Mal Atoll. This resort offers 106 bungalows, and villas designed to astound you. They all have the ideal panoramic views of the Indian Ocean. Most of the villas are built on stilts over the water. Coral sands and tropical vegetation surround the whole area. This resort is only 30 minutes away from the Mal International Airport, and getting here is easy through a readily available speedboat.

One & Only Kanuhura is designed following a unique Maldivian architectural concept. It is located in Lhaviyani Atoll and holds 102 villas, all completely built with natural materials like wood and thatched roofs. These villas fit in well with their surroundings, and give a natural feeling that will flush all the worldly tensions away from the guests. The resort is surrounded by more than 40 dive sites, and is necessary to visit for everyone, especially for the newlyweds.

If you want to enjoy a vital island experience, then you should opt for the Soneva Fushi Resort, which is located in the North Baa Atoll and an ideal Robinson Crusoe-style hideaway. Dotted all over the tropical jungle are the 25 rooms, and 37 villas that the resort offers for the sake of the privacy of every tourist. Even for children, there are two tree houses for them to enjoy if they tag along with their parents. The resort is an ideal place for nature lovers who want to enjoy a lavish natural lifestyle.

It would be advisable not to waste any more time, and just choose out of these top five luxury hotels of Maldives and board a flight.

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