This Is Why You Should Plan Your Next Trip To Maldives

Maldives is a South Asian island country in the Indian Ocean that is dominated by crystal blue clear waters, white sandy beaches, blue lagoons and extensive reefs. Formed by a chain of 26 atolls, some in the form of islands, others as isolated reefs, Maldives makes a perfect exotic destination for luxury travel, romantic getaways and tropical retreats.

Such is the love for Maldives that travel agencies in Singapore today take the pleasure to craft luxury tailor made holidays to this tropical paradise specially to suit the traveler’s specific needs. In this article, we will highlight reasons as to why Maldives is the ideal destination for wanderlusts across the globe.

Tropical Paradise

It is possible that travelers may have visited several tropical islands, but Maldives is like no other. Its 26 atoll trailing remarkable formations makes it one of a kind tropical retreat with unending beaches that are soft as silk to walk barefooted, picturesque deep blue lagoons to dive into and, perfectly aligned jade green coconut trees that makes one feel alive in the secluded virgin paradise.

Dive Into The Crystal Clear Waters

Perhaps, it’s difficult to locate sea waters as clear as the Maldives where you can clearly see beneath the water surface and marvel at the glorious seabed underneath. It’s a heaven for scuba divers and Maldives islands offer this majestic opportunity to explore the stunning aquatic world.

Swimming,Snorkeling, Sailing and Surfing

While scuba diving is worth a treat for the underwater world lovers, swimming and snorkeling are an equal bliss in these warm tropical waters. The temperature in this island is just warm enough between 26 to 30 degrees making swimming an enjoyable experience. Tourists can also go canoeing, surfing and strolling on catamarans. Seaplanes are worth a ride too.

Seafood Haven

Seafood lovers can rejoice in the Maldives. Here, seafood is served completely fresh and in abundance. The flavors are such that one is guaranteed to feel them for a lifetime. They are served in every restaurant and hotel in Maldives. Local venues tend to offer more authentic Maldivian food experience.

Visa Free Island

Perhaps, this is one of the most lucrative aspectsof Maldives. Maldives offer visa free or visa on arrival status to all countries across the world for 30 days, and this can be extended for another 60 days can be availed for a certain fee. The 30 days rule doesn’t apply to India (90 days) and Brunie (15 days).

Luxury Resorts

Maldives is filled with luxury resorts with breathtaking views on planet earth. To most people’s surprise, villas can be found even under the sea to give travelers the most underwater memorable stays. One can enjoy the best luxury spas, fine dining and stilted water villas and suites on the beaches.You can book yourself the best luxury resorts and villas with a credible Singapore travel agency such as Fayyaz Travels; they specialize in luxury tailor made holidays in Maldives.

Cast Yourself Away

Maldives have some of the most remote inhabited islands in the globe. Wanderlusts who are looking to get lost for a while and contemplate life in all its beauty, this is the place to be.

Enjoy More For Less

Maldives lifestyle is reasonably cheap than most other nations. So, one can savor great food and travel cheap in Maldives. Even flights are available at discounted rates.

Muhammad is a Singapore resident and a trip organizer. Traveling to Maldives for a month with his spouse was the best romantic getaway for him ever. For best luxury tailor made holidays ,he recommends contacting a credible Singapore travel agency to get the best hot deals and packages

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