These holidays get surprised by the variety that Maldives offers

The picturesque beauty of the island has captivated the vacationers and holidaymakers of all temperaments and likings. The amazing sight of a sequence of striking low lying coral islands, located in the Indian Ocean, the atoll is an absolute paradise. Many times the vacationers think that the island is known only for water sports and beaches, but the fact is that the place also has many other tourist spots, which are a must visit. And, what adds on the holiday experience of this amazing city is the amazing warmth and hospitality of Maldives hotels.

If you are wondering where to start from, then, the best would be the mosques. There are quite a few mosques here, which the tourists must definitely visit. Some of the examples of these well-known mosques are the Grand Friday Mosque, Mulee Aage Palace and Hukuru Miskiiy. While Grand Friday Mosque is the biggest mosque, the oldest mosque is Hukuru Miskiiy. So, make sure you take out time to visit it all.

The next must visit is the Esjehi Art gallery. Situated in Male, it is a treat for those who really appreciate and understand art. It is positioned in one of the most important and oldest buildings in Male. And, although it is comparatively smaller as compared to other art galleries in other countries, it has a respectable and mesmerizing collection of art, thus, making it a must-see place during your vacation here.

Then, there is the National Museum. The museum is world-renowned and people from across the world visit it, to soak themselves in its grandeur and beauty. The museum was firstly an old palace building, which was later transformed into a museum. On your visit here, you will get to witness and encounter various artifacts and collections of the Sultan’s time. If you are on a family vacation, then you will have the most rewarding time, visiting this amazing museum.

If you want fun of different sorts, then, fish market is where you should visit. Thinking how can fish market entertain anyone? Then, you have to visit the place to know how! On your visit here, you will realize that just watching the different fish products can be fun. These markets are always teeming with people. You can also indulge in fishing yourself. Usually fishing takes place here after dusk, when darkness starts settling in. And, the best part is that even if you do not get a big catch, but still you will take pleasure in this overall experience.

Your holiday won’t be called Maldives holiday without visiting the island’s vivid and exotic beaches. Some of the most popular beaches here are the Sun Island beach, Royal Island Resorts, Paradise Island, Fuammulak and a lot more! There are enough fruits in the basket to allure you. So, wait no longer, book your tickets, make reservations in any of the Maldives hotels and get set for a brilliant holiday.

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