The vivacity of the Festivals of Maldives

If it’s not the beaches it’s those jubilant festivals. Whatever it is, Maldives always has some attraction to keep its steady influx of tourists excellently entertained. What’s more they themselves derive much amusement out of these festivals that take place right around the year. The festivals, at least most of them have a religious basis or origin but have evolved into national events joined by all communities, not just the majority. Needless to say these sun kissed islands and golden beaches are excellent venues for any function or item be it serious or religious or simple fun and frolic.

The Ramadan festival takes a special place and is held in the ninth month of the Islamic calendar. Gifted with the longest holiday in the annual calendar the event sees the communities feasting and getting ample pleasure from either a traditional game or music and dancing that includes both modern as well as traditional features. From among other religious events ‘ Kuda Id’ also is a promising event that takes place over three days which are considered public holidays. After a morning of prayers at the mosque, most people either prepare dinner in their homes or visit friends and relations to feast and celebrate the Prophet’s Birthday. When it comes to the National events in the country such as the Independent’s day or the victory day or the Republic day celebrations, there is much glamour and vibrancy as National flags are seen all over the streets while dancers as well as drummers gather to perform, setting the stage for great entertainment of the crowds who attend these festivals. A healthy combination of folk dances as well as modern jazz performances can be seen showing the importance of mixed cultural performances. One shouldn’t miss out on the tasty Maldives dishes like ‘Gula’ and ‘kiru sarabat’ on these occasions.

Still, these many festivals cannot outshine the native beauty of these isles boasting many a Maldives Island Resort. Amongst the many unique holiday locations in the Maldives, Kuramathi Island Resort holds a distinct reputation with its heavenly island resort with a cluster of villas scattered in the thick greenery of the garden or the bronze backdrop of the beach with contemporary conveniences blending well into the island life. It is one Maldives Holiday Resort that guarantees the perfect Maldives vacation with its superbly located villas, its gastronomic delights and a range of water sports such as snorkeling and diving and simple boat rides.

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