The Stunning Maldives

The Maldives, an archipelago of over one thousand islands assembled in to twenty six coral atolls have more than two hundred islands that are populated with citizens, and a further eighty that are merely visitor resorts. It is placed in the Indian Ocean south-southwest of India and is taken as a division of Southern Asia.

Maldives is a popular place for people to go to for their honeymoon. The large majority of tourists here are couples. Aside from enjoying your honeymoon, the main activity you can take part in on the island is scuba diving. The atolls are all coral reefs that are hundreds of miles from any major land mass which means that the water is extremely clear, and you can see plenty of underwater sharks and manta rays to even a few wrecks.

The most excellent scuba diving can be enjoyed away from the main island of Male. The further you get from the inner atolls, the clearer the waters, consequently it is recommended that you book your resort in view of that. If you desire to save money, consider going for a live board as an alternative of booking a luxurious resort which will cost you an arm and a leg.

The water currents around the Maldives differ. The water currents are usually little inside the atolls, but the areas, which face the open ocean can in fact have strong currents, which is why it is recommended to go for diving with experts. The water temperature is fairly warm, with divers merely requiring a 3mm shorty or Lycra diveskin, and decompression chambers can also be seen on Bandos in Kaafu or Kuramathi on Alifu.

When in Maldives, you can even enjoy shopping. The local currency is the Maldivian rufiyaa nevertheless you can also make use of dollars in the resorts. You can procure handicraft items while out on the bigger islands. Even though, there are not several local things that you may crave to take home, the currency is striking, hence consider taking some back as a memento.

The local cuisine revolves around fish, mostly tuna. It is very South Indian and Sri Lankan in nature. The food is hot and spicy, and a lot of coconut is used in making it. They usually have few vegetables. Most meals have rice, fish broth and side dishes of onions, chilli, and lime. There are also many kinds of curries, and many kinds of bread.

In view of the fact that the people of Maldives are Muslim, locals can’t consume alcohol. Foreigners, nonetheless, are permitted to drink, and you can find alcohol at your resort or liveboard. The Maldives is exceedingly pricey and is not at all low-cost like other Asian and South Asian places. Hence remember to look around ahead of booking into a resort since the prices for them fluctuate.

The Maldives is a beautiful place to spend your next holiday with their numerous islands and beautiful dive spots. Just make sure you go during good weather, otherwise the rain will make it impossible to have any fun at all during your beach holiday.

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