The Romantic Maldives

Maldives is a very popular beach destination and one of the most beautiful Island countries in Asia. This beautiful country is amazingly draped in the hues of sea and sun, which is picturesquely located on the Indian Ocean. There are about 1200 small islands that are placed in the Indian Ocean. These islands are also known as pearls of the Indian Ocean. Out of these 1200 islands, only about one sixth of these are populated. The capital of Maldives is Male which is densely populated island whereas rest of the islands are scarcely populated. It is estimated that 88 islands of this country are luxury resorts which offer the visitors a wonderful stay and a dream come true experience.

The immaculate beaches and natural exquisiteness on the destination accurately formulates Maldives residence to an ocean ecstasy. It is renowned for its wonderful beaches which strike every heart of the visitors. The stunning beaches, blessed by coconuts and other tropical fruits, are beautiful and worth exploring. These lovely and sunny beaches offer the tourist a calm and peaceful vacation which easily entices the visitors from every part of the globe. These beautiful beaches are endowed by the magnificent sea resorts which offer amazing accommodations and the superb blend of luxury and comfort. Some of the fascinating beaches to explore here in Maldives are Mirihi Island Beach, Kanuhura Island Beach, Bandos Island Beach and Banyan Tree Beach.

The Maldives are renowned because of its scuba diving. The clearness of the water is extremely good and you’ll see countless distinctive coast wildlife under the sea. Many individuals prefer to hire lifeboats. Alongside their seas shorelines are mile after mile of coral reefs. This shows a great chance of the diver to totally feel the beauty of the ocean. The optimum time to make this happen is from January to April for the reason that ocean is relaxed.

With first-rate diving, adventurers can have cavern, invertebrates, soft corals, gorgonian’s and sponges. Travellers can take pleasure in surfing with most excellent time of May to September. Along with submarine surfing, adventurers can also have water surfing, sailing, water skiing, fishing, snorkelling, knee sliding, mono ski, fun tubes, para sailing and more.

The Sarawak Underwater forest has a diversity of marine biodiversity and exhibits attractive multihued fishes, octopuses, huge petrifying sharks-rays and additional submarine sea creatures.

Maldives are a haven for nature lovers and bird watchers. There are over 100 species of birds here and you can expect to see crows, parakeets, and water hens as well as koel birds. Also present are herons, seagulls and noddys.

Maldives islands are very popular among the newly weds for their honeymoon celebrations. The relative seclusion of the islands appeals to the newly married couples for a romantic honeymoon vacation. Outside Male, the capital of Maldives, the population is very less and many islands remain completely unpopulated, apart from the occasional visitors. As a result, couples usually find that honeymoons in the Maldives offer them the tranquility and isolation they seek in their first romantic days of marriage.

One of the most sought after romantic destinations of the century, Maldives is a tiny but spectacularly beautiful island nation in the Indian Ocean.

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