The richness of Maldives aquatic life

The underwater world of Maldives is a colorful myriad of corals and playful fishes that haunt these gorgeous settings as if reluctant to leave such beautiful companions. As a trip from a glass bottom boat will show you, there’s a huge variety of corals of which the stony corals are the most predominant. With exquisite shapes like the staghorn, star, the brain and even the mushrooms. These corals are alluring but takes years to grow and are replaced by one of their counterparts when they wither and grow up to make a complete reef. The horny corals are another variety that grow in great lengths almost as much as ten feet while the rose corals, one belonging to this category is used to create sensational pieces of jewelry. The organ pipe spreads out like a flower, and the soft corals have tentacles attached to them.

In this glorious underwater garden, beautiful fishes roam aimlessly, fluttering their bright tails and scurrying among the tiny rocks and dwellings as if in seek of hidden treasure. The butterfly fish, the sweetlips and Fusilliers are some of the kinds that decorate the water below. An encounter with the Mantarays is guaranteed to be an intriguing an amazing experience as this strange creature seems to have a sense of friendliness and seems to evoke a sense of tranquility. Closer to the reefs, one can also catch a glimpse of the sea turtles, eels, sea anemones and octopus. Sharks and whales too are not an uncommon sight upon the open sea in Maldives.

Staying at a Maldives Island Resort is possibly the best way to enjoy this authentic island holiday experience, especially being close to the brilliantly blue sea with its vast treasures of aquatic life. Kuramathi Island with its cluster of villas opens up a paradise under the blue sky at the edge of the water creating a place where time stands still and reality becomes submerged in dreams. Amongst the many Resorts Maldives this one promises you close encounter with the island and its ravishing seascape that can promise you the total island vacation experience.

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