The Great Escape of the Indian Ocean

The island nation of the Maldives comprises of 26 natural atolls consisting of loads of white sandy beaches, turquoise waters, lagoons and reefs. The tourist place also has host of ultra modern 5-star resorts which provide world-class facilities to the visitors.

Attractions of the Maldives
Bluetribe Moofushi: The Maldives is blessed with great waters and incredible marine life and the Bluetribe Moofushi diving centre offers the best of everything. Activities such as windsurfing, diving, riding on catamarans or pedal boats, snorkelling and kayaking are the highlights of the Moofushi. The exciting excursions also offer a romantic cruise and traditional Maldivian marine life.

Hukuru Miskiiy: The famous and oldest mosque Hukuru Miskiiy is also known as the Old Friday Mosque. The mosque is a superb piece and a distinct work of architecture on the island. It has fascinating interiors and coral stone walls with impressive carvings that draw several locals as well as architecture lovers. The calm and quiet place is an ideal spot to discover the Islamic culture of the Maldivians.

National Museum of Maldives: Located at the capital city of Male, the National Museum of Maldives gives a great insight into the history of the country through its displays. It is one of the famous tourist destinations and treasures manuscripts, arms, ornaments and many costumes worn by kings and queens of the country. The original museum was a 3-storey building and a new part of the museum was built and designed by the Chinese Government few years back.

Banana Reef: Water sports never go out of your sight in the Maldives and the Banana Reef is the most sought after diving site of the island. The banana shape 300 meters reef features plenty of marine life. The countless number of fishes of different colours and sizes includes Napoleon Wrasse and the rare Banana fish.

Island of Gan: The island of Gan is among the largest islands of the country. The long and narrow island connects to several other islands through causeways and features traditional villages. These past settlements will take you to a simpler way of life of the locals.

HP Reef: Home to several superb coral reef formations and underwater colourful fish HP Reef is one of the best diving sites of the island. Located at the North Male Atoll, the marine protected area is the famous spot for tourists. If you are looking for a close encounter with exciting marine life under the deep azure sea, this place is surely for you.

The Maldives encompass more than 99% of the sea and is home to numerous diverse aquatic treasures of the world. The rest 1% land is a masterpiece in natural landscaping and diverse vegetation hat encourage eco-tourism to protect the sensitive environment. Maldives tour packages are available at attractive rates and people from all over the globe grab their tickets to enjoy a vacation full of fun and adventure.

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