The beach resorts of Dhangethi Island

In many ways the Maldives are the perfect sun and sand destination. It is popular among tourists for the white sandy beaches and the excellent hospitality extended by the numerous beach resorts. Maldives is a chain of islands some of which have no signs of human habitation. More importantly some islands can be turned into your own private beach resort, a unique combination of privacy and luxury.
The Maldives were ruled by colonial powers such as Portugal, Nederlands and Britain since the 17th century and finally gained independence from the British in 1965. There are more than thousand islands in total and the largest island is home to Male which is the capital city. The islands are home to about 300,000 inhabitants and before the tourism boom in the 1970’s, they were largely unheard of.

Today tourism is the islands’ major foreign exchange earner behind fishing. The tourism industry is credited with changing the face of the country’s economy and uplifting living standards. The island of Dhangethi is one of the inhabited islands in Maldives with a population of roughly a thousand people.

The island is filled with tourist resorts built along the coast line. Many of the locals are also employed in the tourism industry. The beaches in Dhangethi are as pristine as any other in the Maldives and the hospitality offered is second to none. The waters off the coast are ideal for scuba diving and snorkeling, the coral reef ecosystem provides sanctuary to many kinds of fish, some of which are only found in the Indian Ocean.

As tourism is a major form of income here, the entire island is geared towards meeting the needs of those who come here in search of the perfect vacation. Traditional cultural shows are organized in the resorts, and feature music and dance performed by locals. A number of gift shops that showcase traditional jewelry making and pottery provide an opportunity to buy a souvenir to remember your travels. Resorts in Maldives such as Maafushivaru Maldives give travelers the opportunity to experience the best beaches in the Indian Ocean. Most Maldives all inclusive hotels have years of experience in dealing with tourists and promise an unforgettable vacation.

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