Ten Interesting Facts About Maldives

If you want to make your Maldives trip and experience extremely fascinating, it is best to get a grip on some exciting facts about Maldives before you start with your journey. Being an island country, the most breathtaking reality about Maldives is that this country encompasses many islands that blotch the Indian Ocean.

Coral reefs dress these islands with vibrant colours. These natural coral reefs surrounded by lagoons make each island stand out as a pearl in the Indian Ocean. Apart from knowing the rosy facts about Maldives, one should even have in mind the fact that because of the widespread global warming and rising water levels, the country being surrounded by many islands definitely faced danger. Many predictions have been made with respect to Maldives being swept away by the rising water level in the Indian Ocean. It was even seen during the tsunami of 2004, that many of the island’s dry parts were flooded by waters shrinking the island.

Other significant Maldives facts relate to the aspects of its weather, its culture, its cuisine delights, etc. Maldives enjoys a fairly pleasant climate during most months of the year. This makes it an ultimate tourist hotspot for travellers from cold and snowy regions. Travellers will be better off if they are garbed in daylight apparels in Maldives.

During your trip to Maldives, there are many pleasant places and things you will come across. Maldives has a rich culture that can be seen in every little setup making the experience more fulfilling. Asians from nearby regions have settled there, bringing together a mix of lifestyles and traditions. This merging of various cultures has resulted in a multicultural experience that is exhibited in the festivals, shopping, clothing, foods, worshipping and many other things in Maldives.

Travelling through various parts and corners of Maldives is not very difficult; you have access to all kinds of mobile facilities from cycles to motor bikes and from taxis to modern cars, depending on your preference. Thorough travelling experience to Maldives will also tell you about how much importance is given to education by the people living there. The status of women is no less than men. You would not be having any communication issues because the people living there correspond in English. However, you would need to change your currency to Rufiyaa and Laaree in Maldives.

The ten most exciting Facts about Maldives are listed follows: 1. Maldives is known by two names; Republic of Maldives and Dhivehi Raajjeyge Jumhooriyyaa. Republic of Maldives being the authorised name for the country. 2. It is covered by 1199 islands that are clustered into 26 major atolls. 3. Maldives was populated in the 4th century BC, as reported by some historians. 4. It comes on eighth position amongst the smallest countries in the world – area of 300 square km only. 5. Maldives is the most Muslim country as well the smallest Asian country with respect to population and size. 6. It is also reported that Maldives is the world’s flattest country. 7. Apart from the 15 years of occupation by the Portuguese in the 16th century, Maldives has been an independent state all these years. 8. Also known for having the highest divorce rates which is 10.97 divorces per 1,000 population yearly. 9. It has also been ranked as the best country brand for beach, rest and relaxation in 2008.

10. In the same year 2008, it was also ranked second as the best country brand for natural beauty and third as best country brand for resort and lodging options.

Hence visiting Maldives is definitely a lovely experience. It has all one needs to make a trip memorable.

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