Swimming with the Underwater Marvels – Diving with Sharks in Maldives

Maldives, a chain of islands located in the Indian Ocean, is a tropical nation which is an excellent place for a holiday. Blessed with clear blue seas, white sandy beaches, beautiful natural scenery and a blossoming underwater eco-system, the Maldives is perfect for spending hours on the beach and engaging in aqua activities.

One of the activities in the islands which has gained great popularity is diving, and the highlight of diving in the locale is diving with the sharks in the Maldivian waters. Since the Maldives has large coral reefs and a beautiful underwater eco-system, it is home to several varieties of sharks as well. A close encounter with these fierce predators is one of the most exciting and thrilling experiences of the Maldive islands.

Diving gear is not an issue to worry about when in this tropical haven, as there are many hotels and traders along the beaches who rent out diving gear for cheap prices so that you may witness the beauty of the environment below the surface. The waters of the Maldive Islands are home to 26 different species of sharks, and if luck is on your side, you might be able to see many of these majestic killers in just a few dives. The most commonly seen variety while diving is the Whale Shark, a 40ft long giant in the sea which many divers have swum along with. One can also witness different types of reef shark while diving, such as the Grey Reef Shark and the White Tip Reef Shark, which relatively do not pose a threat to humans. Though these creatures will not try to attack you, there are many dangerous sharks in the Maldivian waters as well, which divers can swim with while being cautious. One can have a thrilling encounter with a killer Tiger Shark or a dangerous Hammerhead, which are reputed to be feared species, though there have been no reports of sharks attacking divers in Maldivian waters. There are several other species of sharks that can be seen in Maldives such as Zebra, Kitefin, Thresher, Nurse and Snaggletooth Sharks. Therefore, for a thrilling encounter with one of nature’s top killers, head over to Maldives and dive with these magnificent creatures.

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