Surf’s Up in Wave Haven Maldives

Blessed with sunny weather conditions and clear blue skies for most of the year it is difficult to imagine a more suitable venue for water sporting enthusiasts than the island nation of Maldives. As a breathtaking collection of over 9000 tiny islets this paradise destination is not only frequented by avid divers but surfing pros as well. Attracting hordes of wave chasers to its sun-kissed shores each year the island archipelago has gained somewhat of a reputation for being one of Asia’s premier surfing destinations. The sheer variety of rip tides and massive waves available in the country’s azure oceans is as impressive as those in surfing Mecca Hawaii.

Thrilling waves are found in almost all atolls of the island collective although the North Malé Atoll is renowned for being a hotspot frequented by pros and novices alike. Offering surf breaks such as Sultans, Lohis, Honkys, Cokes, Ninjas, Chickens and Jailbreaks the atoll is active through the period between April and October. The North Malé Atoll boasts wave heights ranging from 3 to 8 feet with hollower reefs and long point breaks thrown in for good measure. Pasta Points are also regular here as the venue receives larger swells when compared to the South Male alternative.

Central Atolls in Maldives such as Laaamu, Meemu and Thaa also produce long swell phases as they are located between the southern and northern atolls. Home to some renowned surfing spots that are known by charter boat operators in the area these locales are also worthy of exploration as the rewards may literally be sky-high. Gaafu Dhaalu Atoll or Huvadhoo Atoll is another must-surf highlight as the location packs the greatest variety of waves and the highest frequency of waves as well. Ideal for surfing during the period between March and May and August to November the venue picks up swells from every conceivable direction. Hollow walls and barrelling waves are frequent here as are softer wave varieties.

The Outer Atolls are equally promising as the region contains top-notch reef breaks in a dozen different varieties. Offering bigger waves than the North Male Atoll the breaks common in this area resemble Indonesian type breaks that are hollower and less deep than those available in the North Male Atoll.

Travellers in search of luxury Maldives resorts will be more than pleased with the resplendent Kurumba Maldives. Renowned as a popular haunt for avid divers and other water sports enthusiasts this stylish rest is also one of the best Maldives family resorts in the island archipelago.

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