Sunset Fishing in Naladhu – Paradise in Twilight

Every island in the Maldives seems to be the embodiment of the phrase ‘sun, sand and sky’. But there are some places that are a cut above the rest – where the sea looks clearer, the sand is softer and the sky is bluer. Once those niches are found, not a lot of luck is needed to have the perfect vacation.

Part of the islands making the South Male Atoll, Naladhu, sits on an emerald lagoon. Its lush greenery is fringed by white beaches melting away into the shallow seas. Variations of blue mix the sky and sea together, and provide remarkable views anywhere you look. As a resort island, Naladhu’s luxury accommodations are the perfect complements to the stunning environment. You can treat yourself to the luxuries of the resort on land, or take to the seas for new adventure. Snorkelling, wing surfing and kayaking are some of the best ways to see the beauty hidden by the Indian Ocean. But a truly wonderful way to experience tranquilly and excitement is sunset fishing.

Sailing off on a traditional ‘dhoni’ sailboat (or a modern motor boat for a bit of speed) into the sunset, starts off this romantic adventure. The yellow-orange-red sky reflected in the sea makes a spectacular backdrop for a little fishing. With fish abundant in the clear water that soon disappears with the sun and turns black. If luck is on your side, moonlight will guide your fishing rod, making the gentle waves of the sea look silver. Many night fishing tours offer special stops at unoccupied islands along the way – the best place for absolute solitude.

Naladhu Maldives is a location that cannot be done justice to by photographs, offering experiences that cannot be expressed in words. Luxury and beauty are painstakingly brought together to create a familiar but spectacular environment at this Maldives hotel on the island. One of the leading Maldives island resorts it features deluxe suits and waterside rooms allowing every visitor a wonderful view to guarantee a unique experience. Prepare to leave the world behind in your way to paradise on earth as you soak up the enchanting atmosphere that is perfect for a fun family holiday or an intimate getaway with the one you love.

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