Stay Somewhere Unique in the Maldives

Does the idea of a hotel fail to inspire you when you are thinking of where to stay for your next foreign holiday?

If it does and you are thinking of splashing out on a break to the Maldives, you will be pleased to know that standard accommodation is not the only thing you will find there.

Try the aptly named Island Hideaway at Dhonakulhi for example. The only way you can visit this island is if you happen to have booked a villa to stay in there. It’s owned privately so you can enjoy the luxurious surroundings both inside and outside your villa without having to worry about how crowded it might get on the beach.

There is no doubt that if peace and quiet and privacy are top of your list of requirements on holiday, you will get them all on Dhonakulhi. There are only six different designs of villa here, and they cover every need and desire you could have.

If that doesn’t quite do it for you, how about trying the Banyan Tree?

There are two separate locations bearing the Banyan Tree name in the Maldives, and the first is at Madivaru. Once again luxury is the key word here. Can you imagine staying in a luxurious villa where all you have to do in the morning is step outside and straight into the pool?

That should give you an idea of what to expect here. There are only six villas available as well, so like the atmosphere on Dhonakulki mentioned above, there is no danger of overcrowding or having to race to get a space by the pool.

The second Banyan Tree resort is at Vabbinfaru. This is not even situated on an island – it is located on what is known as an atoll. This is basically a formation of coral which forms something like an island. Would you like to stay on one of these? If you do you can expect the highest level of luxury and once again a quiet and relaxing place to while away the hours.

Of course it can be nice to dine out while you are away on holiday. You have probably never done so in a restaurant anything like the one at the Conrad Maldives.

While you will marvel at the sight of the food you will certainly place most of your attention on what is going on above your head. Can you imagine dining with marine life swimming over your head?

You don’t need to imagine it here – the restaurant itself is below sea level. Small, peaceful and very popular, don’t try and visit unless you have a booking. As far as Maldives holidays are concerned, the best experiences are well worth waiting for.

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