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Snorkeling Vacations in Maldives – A paradise for snorkeling

With crystal clear waters and endless reef gardens, Maldives sends an open invitation for snorkeling among the many water sports and adventures that it promotes. The truth is that Maldives needs no advertising of its precious locations, the news of its gracious waters having traveled far and wide among global adventurers. Indeed even for the amateur, snorkeling offers so tempting a prospect while best news being that it requires absolutely no prior training and only a few practical and useful tips from the veterans.

There is much debate about whether the north or the south atoll is best for snorkeling. The general rule is that the areas with reefs are the best for snorkeling and the slope can have many interesting features like caves, cliffs as well as terraces. As the water gradually deepens, one gets to appreciate the change of the coral reef and the marine life more fully. Needles to say, the islands as well as the lagoons are the most favoured spots for snorkeling and one finds a number of resorts located on the edge of the water as to provide convenience to those who want to be within a short distance from a trip of snorkeling.

The islands of Maldives together with their resorts are forever prepared to lend everything from attires to advise for the beginners as well as the veterans of snorkeling. It is said that any spot and any depth of sea is considered and experienced as fascinating to the ameateur snorkeler. This is possibly not without some truth, as the best of marine life on any reef is usually concentrated in the top five meters of the sea depth so that even if one free dives, they still can enjoy the view.

However, provided one doesn’t reside quite close to the best areas for snorkeling, such as the reef drop areas or the lagoon water that happens to be sandy and without much of fascination for the eyes, most resorts do offer a boat trip to the better sites much to the relief of its visitors.

There is no end to the choice of a Maldives resort that provide you the perfect centre to go on many a snorkeling session. With its close proximity to the lagoon and the smooth sandy beach, the cluster of villas with their breathtaking sunset views, Anantara Dhigu Maldives truly feels like paradise itself. With resorts of this caliber that have the capacity to absolutely spoil you with their cozy interiors and ravishing views, accommodation in Maldives will not pose a huge problem to any traveler planning a trip to Maldives.

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