Shopping in Maldives – A unique experience of retail therapy

For most holidaymakers souvenir hunting is a favourite past time in the Maldives. There are various shopping options on offer and heaps of great stuff to buy in Male. For the serious shopper there are various options: From clothing to perfumes to handicraft products to canned fish to jewellery, the list is endless. There are three main areas in the capital city to start your search.

The biggest shopping areas are the Majeedhee Magu and the Chaandhanee Magu. The Majeedhee Magu is easily accessible as it is located along the main road itself. The shops are on the wayside and sell a variety of stuff. It is best to go on foot to explore the treasures within the Majeedhee Magu. The tiny shops are bursting with all kinds of interesting stuff such as unusual jewellery, clothes, and souvenirs. This area is also popular for imported items such as watches and electronics.

For gift hunting Chaandhanee Magu is perfect. The shops here are well stocked with local handcraft products from all the Islands. Curios, souvenirs and ornaments made out of wood and coir are famous in the Maldives. The ‘Thuda Kuna’ a local coir mat, and the miniature ‘Dhonis’, local boats are some of the best buys here.

To get a more local market experience try the market area that sells fruits and vegetables. The wayside stalls of the Local Market boast of the various products and food items that are produced in the other islands of the Maldives. Most visitors love to buy local fruits and vegetables, pickles and sweets, and to try out other little titbits available here. Key ingredients in Maldivian cuisine, such as smoked fish, dried fish, local nuts, herbs, and dried fruit, can also be bought here. It is a great place for a good bargain along with a unique local experience.

Those visiting the Maldives Islands are offered a range of lodging options. You can pick the type of holiday and accommodation to suit your needs. Luxury holidays Maldives budget holidays, and adventure holidays are popular amongst travellers. You can travel to Maldives any time of the year and enjoy its year round great weather. For those seeking an exceptional holiday and to experience the best of the Islands Silver Sands Maldives offers great lodging options.

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