Renewal of Vows in a Paradise Island – A Moment in time in Bliss!

The archipelago of islands clustered in the warm, waters of the Indian Ocean are breath taking – every one of them sport white sandy beaches and extremely tempting blue waters. Like emerald jewels in aquamarine and turquoise waters, the lush vegetation adds to the eye candy as the natural pastels dip into each other, blending and contrasting in turns creating an exotic to blend to behold.

Maldives thus is a utopian location to exchange marriage vows of even to renew them, as this space takes you out of tiring social contexts and puts you in a plane where only you, your beloved, the sea and the sun exist. You can even stroll down the winding paths leading to little nooks in the sea shore or even spot cranes unwinding in ancient banyan trees! Other activities you could indulge in include surfing, snorkelling, scuba diving, fishing and island hopping. Apart from this you can relax at the spa or sip on cocktails whilst dangling your feet into the pool.

In Maldives Island Resort, Private dining options in secluded beach front setting are viable upon request where you can toast to your new lives together, share a romantic dinner date or even propose before you entice your partner to have a simple island wedding where the focus is purely on your privacy and comfort. In Maldives, All Inclusive Resorts are easily available but some resorts specialize in certain aspects, so make sure you locate your ideal getaway resort to spend those precious moments!

Kuramathi Island Resort offers the guest, an elegant wedding ceremony that includes a simple beach wedding or on preference, a more elaborate and traditional one over the Lagoon in what they call the “Chapel of Love”. Whichever you choose you need not worry as all the planning and execution will be done for you as you unwind and focus only on cherishing the memories. Maldivian Islands by far, are one of the most romantic getaways endowed by nature to mankind.

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