Rekindle your romance in Maldives

A water bungalow overlooking the ocean, a leisurely sunset cruise, a luxurious couple spa day and a private candlelight dinner are all the ingredients that make Maldives the perfect recipe for romance. Before booking your Maldives tour package, do your homework on what are the most romantic sights and experiences the island offers.

Explore the marine life at Ari Atoll
A little bit of adventure always adds spice to romance and Ari Atoll promises just that. The blissful lagoon of Ari Atoll is blessed with abundant marine life in its surrounding waters including magnificent reefs, several species of fish as well as hammerhead sharks and gigantic whale sharks. A whale submarine expedition with your loved one is definitely going to cement your bond and is good reason enough to be listed on your Maldives tour package.

Pamper yourselves on a couples’ spa
Spoil yourselves with some spa therapy either with an indoor spa treatment with the highest standards of luxury complete with candles and aroma or try your hand at a sand massage which is a local specialty where you can get a massage with open skies overlooking the azure waters and soft silver sands at your feet. It is recommended to request for a rubdown with native virgin coconut oil. Or try enjoying the traditional healing methods of Maldives, passed on for generations by the hakeembe (healing experts). There is rarely an instance when a day of pampering does not help the relationship bloom and should be an activity on your Maldives tour package.

Find romance underwater
Go for a date at an underwater aquarium restaurant. Enjoy a wonderful meal in the company of not just your loved one but also thousands of ocean inhabitants. Watching their antics could just be the most romantic experience. Take a step further and spend the night here watching the soothing blue waters and mesmerizing colors of marine life. Toast your romance the next morning over a specialty champagne breakfast. An experience unlikely to be found elsewhere, make sure to include this activity on your Maldives tour package.

Surprise your love at a glowing beach
Picture blindfolding your loved one and revealing a glow-in-the-dark beach! It is definitely going high on the romance meter. The beach of Vaadhoo island is a phenomenal bioluminescent beach that lights up at night as its tides start to glow. An experience like no other, this activity should be added to your Maldives tour package.

Chill on a Dhoni
A coconut palm timber cruise boat, known as a dhoni sets the tone for a day of relaxed island hopping. Take it slow with some swimming and snorkeling in the crystal clear waters teasing each other, lay on the soft sands and whisper sweet nothings to each other, share a delicious meal of made of fresh seafood and local spices, try spotting some rare species of birds together or just take in the goodness of sun, sand and sea. Have the luxury of doing nothing with your loved one on a dhoni cruise on your Maldives tour package.
The swaying palms, the soft sea breeze, the rhythmic waves can all lull you into a romance at Maldives. Just pick your most favorite romantic activities and book your Maldives tour package and let the elements and polite, friendly people take care of the rest.

Seenu Mathew is a Web UI Designer / Developer with Cox & Kings. Travelling and photography are his passions. He recently returned from a trip through one of the Maldives tour package. In this article, he shares information about rekindling your romance in the Maldives.

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