Rediscovering the Maldives through eco-tourism

Ecotourism is the new buzzword on the lips of every traveler nowadays. The rising global green house gas emissions, the climate change phenomenon and the fossil fuel crisis in which the world is presently in has made tourists view their summer holiday in the tropics a little differently to their peers a couple of decades earlier. Changing global consumption patterns and the awareness of environmental issues have led to the emergence of a new kind of tourism- ecotourism.

Eco tourism is tourism that is seen as being conscious of the ecology of the region and one which exposes travelers to the local customs and culture more so than the all inclusive package deals that were eagerly snapped up just a few years earlier. The difference between ecotourism and the conventional holiday is that ecotourism puts greater emphasis on the preservation of nature and allows for greater interaction between the travelers and the natural environment. This is done by placing the guests in specially built ecotourism lodging that usually utilizes locally available eco-friendly building materials, uses sustainable renewable energy sources in locations of great natural beauty.

Ecotourism is relevant to the Maldives on two levels, firstly because it is a country that has been blessed with great natural splendor. The beaches of the Maldives stretch for miles around its uninhabited islands, the marine life is diverse and it also has several natural coral reefs which are considered as hotspots for scuba diving.

Secondly, the Maldives is under a realistic threat of sinking within the next hundred years as the rising sea levels threaten the existence of its islands. As the islands of the Maldives are basically composed of coral they are of very low elevation, and are extremely vulnerable to rising sea levels. The natural coral reefs that are found in this area are also sensitive to temperature changes in the ocean and the effects of global warming threaten their well being.

The Maldives resorts which are located on uninhabited islands, where the traveler can truly be one with nature are great destinations for those interested in ecotourism. Maldives spa resorts such as Anantara Kihavah Maldives Villas enable the tourist to enjoy an ethical environmentally conscious holiday with the great service offered by the hotel.

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