Powderblue Surgeonfish in Maldives – A Fascinating Fish Species

A tropical paradise that has something for couples, families and independent travellers alike, the Maldives is easily one of the most popular island destinations in the world. Palm fringed beaches with sun drenched soft golden sand stretch out before you as the gentle breeze of the Indian Ocean beckon you to come play in azure waters.

The waters around the Maldives make for the ideal playground in the ocean offering travellers a myriad of outdoor activities. While windsurfing, surfing, waterskiing and paragliding offer plenty of thrills, those wanting to explore the country’s fascinating underwater world, can try their hand at snorkelling or diving.

The Maldives is home to in excess of 700 fish species and approximately 70 coral reef species that make exploring the seas such an enjoyable adventure. While on such an excursion you may come across such species as the fascinating Powderblue Surgeonfish. Known as Acanthurus Leucosternon in Latin, this blue hued fish is usually in schools of varying sizes.

Widely found in the Indian Ocean, Powderblue Surgeonfish are known to inhabit clear water reefs, while their food intake is usually made up of algae and plankton. Also known as the Powder Blue Tang, this species is oval in shape with a black head and a dorsal fin that is characteristically bright yellow in colour.

There is much more to see than the Powderblue Surgeonfish when on an underwater adventure in the Maldives. As you make your way past colourful coral reefs you may come across a myriad of species that inhabit the waters around the islands such as Oriental Sweetlips, Longnose Parrotfish, Clown Triggerfish, Spotted Unicornfish, Convict Surgeonfish, Bluestriped Sabretooth Blenny and Masked Bannerfish.

With so much to see and do, it is easy to lose track of time as you become immersed in this world beneath the waves where vibrant colours blend with the crystal blues of the Indian Ocean.

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