Popular Activities to Do In Maldives at Night

Maldives is a lovely sea destination and its blue beaches are famous around the world. This destination in south-east Asia has got everything going for it, with tourists from each part of the globe vying for a Maldives tour. While the daytime activities mostly involve running around the beaches, taking a dive and indulging in beach sports, Maldives is equally happening and interesting at night. Best Maldives honeymoon packages from India has made this destination more affordable than it ever was, thereby allowing the middle-class citizens to walk out of the hidden nooks and fly off to this part of the world.

One of the most amazing things to do in Maldives is to enjoy night fishing. This is a rather delight fully unique activity since special arrangements are made by tour organizers to help the tourists check out the hottest fishing sites. While a fishing lover can expect to sink in the joys of catching the fresh tuna fish, the activity in itself is something utterly romantic.

Maldives also boasts of the world’s first underwater restaurant in Ithaa. A lunch at Ithaa is a dream comes true. But it also rents out its room to wealthy tourists for a night stay on certain occasions. The glass house which is embedded several feet beneath the sea has got fishes and octopuses moving all around it. It can appear right out of the pages of a fantasy book.

Best Honeymoon packages to Maldives also include the capital Male which is more like a metropolitan urban city, though it is more nonchalant and sleepy. Still, it has got its share of night eateries, cafes and clubs. However, Maldives being an Islamic nation does not advocate the concept of late-night clubbing with much exuberance. Beaches, by far, are more popular and more jubilantly promoted for nocturnal outings. Walking over these sea-swept beaches under the moon and the stars has got a charm which cannot be conjured by pubs and dance clubs.

Online Honeymoon packages to Maldives help tourists to settle down in the lazy rooms and lounges of their resorts. If you have got nothing else to do, just head to the spa and expect to be pampered and given a royal treatment.

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