Pleasant Dreams – Nightlife in the Maldives

The most happening places in the Maldives when the sun goes down are the resorts that are famous for their sun kissed beaches and romantic tropical locations, most people’s idea of paradise. While getting away from it all is on top of the agenda for most, having fun is also very much a part of the beach holiday experience.

Perfectly prepared tropical sun downers can be sipped on the beach or in bars overlooking the ocean while enjoying gorgeous sunsets or star spangled skies almost anywhere in the Maldives. Live music will enhance the mood in most cases. Jazz is particularly popular in the Maldives and jazz ensembles are found in the capital Male and in the resorts. Discos open late in some resorts and most resorts organize dances to celebrate special occasions like Christmas and New Year. Cultural shows, performances of the local dance ‘boduberu’, magic shows and crab racing are also part of nighttime entertainment. Informal beach parties where barefoot guests dance the night away, barbeques, dinner for two on the beach even dinner on a desert island specially cooked for two are favourite nighttime activities.

Some of the best entertainment in the Maldives even after dark is found at sea. A late evening fishing expedition in a traditional Maldivian fishing craft or ‘dhoni’ for example is an exciting experience especially on a moonlit night. The dimly lit fishing boat alone in the Indian Ocean is a never to be forgotten experience. Night snorkeling is another exciting way to spend the evening. See manta rays and whales sleeping while other sea creatures go about their nocturnal duties in the beam of a flashlight. Sunset cruises are almost everyone’s idea of a romantic after dark activity. Watch the sun go down from the boat deck while sipping a glass of wine. Seeing a school of dolphins racing the waves will be an added treat.

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