Must Know Information Before You Plan Your Maldive Holidays

Luxury travelers desiring a five-star holiday book their vacation in the Maldives. It’s one of the world’s best tropical island vacation destinations. It’s paradise on earth while being the home to some of the world’s best luxury resorts. Maldives vacations are once in a life time occasions.

The Maldives are located near the equator in the Indian Ocean just south of Sri Lanka. It’s an island nation consisting of over one thousand coral islands occupying 1% of its 90,000 km2 territory. The resident population lives on 185 islands. Many of the remaining islands are deserted and they are used for tourism and agriculture.

Tourism accounts for 28% of the country’s GDP. Over 90% of the government’s tax revenues are derived from either import duties or tourism-related taxes. Tourism has become the primary driver for the economy.

The Maldivian tourist industry started when two resorts opened in 1972. Since then, the Maldives now boast over one hundred resorts and over 8.4 million tourists have visited this island nation.

The Bandos Island Resort and the Kurumba Village Resort were the first two resorts that opened in 1972.

The Banyan Tree Resort is a five-star property situated on the secluded Vabbinfaru Island. The resort is most famous for its luxurious Maldives bungalow-style villas. The resort’s name is derived from a tree that is a subgenus of tropical figs commonly referred to as the banyan tree.

Lhaviyano Atoll is located in the north and it’s where the Kuredu Island Resort Maldives is located. This island is famous for its pristine white sand beaches complemented by thatched villas and bungalows, crystal clear water and awe inspiring views.

Maldives snorkeling and scuba diving is the best in the world and it’s very popular year round due to the temperate weather. The Maldives average temperature is 30 degrees Celsius (86 degrees Fahrenheit).

The Maldives is a popular place for honeymooners. For this reason, resorts are often reserved in advance so it’s best to make your reservations early regardless of what time of year you’re planning to travel. Due to its tropical climate, the Maldives never really gets cold so you can travel there comfortably in the winter months and still enjoy it.

Keep in mind, the Maldives is a very expensive place to visit. It’s really a reserved for tourists seeking a luxury vacation. Honeymoon in Maldives islands is popular; however average people typically save for years in order to splurge on themselves.

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