Most Popular Maldives Hotels

Maldives – heaven for honeymooners! But it doesn’t mean that Maldives holidays are meant only for love birds. Every year thousands of beach combers, adventure seekers and nature lover visit the country to add a new chapter of exhilarating fun, excitement and adventure to their lives. One thing that can make or break your vacationing expectations is the accommodation you are opting for. You never run out of options while looking for accommodation in Maldives as there are number of hotels you can choose from.

One of the most popular hotels that remain in the priority list of people planning cheap holidays to the Maldives is Sheraton Maldives Full Moon Resort and Spa. From the balcony of your room, you can admire the scenic beauty of the island. The hotel features 156 guest rooms, suites, bungalows and cottages. If you are opting for suites, you’d come across eclectic d├ęcor and thatched roofs. If you are looking for family get together this hotel offers an apt ambience. You can choose from wide array of lounges, restaurants and common areas.

The restaurants in the hotel specialize in Thai and Mediterranean cuisine. These restaurants are not only known for their delicious cuisine but also for their top rated service. Spa is another highlight of this hotel which is strategically located amidst idyllic tropical setting. While staying in this hotel, you can indulge in variety of activities such as scuba diving, tennis, table tennis and motorized as well as non-motorized water sports as well. Another hotel that can be considered while planning holidays to Maldives is MaldivesIru Fushi Resort Hilton.

This hotel is also known as Hilton Maldives. This world class hotel spans over 52 acres and is located by gorgeous white sand beaches. In other words, while staying at Hilton Maldives, you get an opportunity to experience perfect blend of nature and luxury. Friendly staff, best service and plethora of activities are just a glimpse of specialties of the hotel. People who don’t want to compromise on the luxury factor, should book accommodation at this hotel while planning holidays to the Maldives. This five-star luxury resort is the first priority of honeymooners. Its spa has 20 spa pavilions surrounded by tropical flora. Spa treatments consist of traditional Ayurvedic practices. Range of water sports makes this resort favorite among marine adventure lovers.

Sun Island Resort and Spa also keep people planning cheap holidays to the Maldives. This island covers an area of 1.6 kilometers and is home to 426 guest rooms featuring elegant furniture. If luxury is at the top of your mind you can choose from four presidential suites and 64 water bungalows. Every year numerous diving enthusiasts plan a stay at this resort as the hotel is known for offering most sought after diving experience in Maldives. Lush tropical vegetation surrounds the hotel and allows you to feel the freshness of exuberant nature. The tropical vegetation is well complemented by white sandy beaches. You can indulge in variety of recreational activities while staying at this hotel.

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