Mega Maldives Expanding in 2012

Even as Air Seychelles has endured significant losses in the last 12 months, and Air Mauritius is facing its own struggles, the primary air carrier of the Maldives is looking much better financially. The small, regional airline has hired a total of 29 new cabin crews in anticipation of taking on more passengers in the coming year.

The announcement of the increased cabin crews was made recently by Mega Maldives CEO George Weinmann at a ceremony held at the Central Hotel. Weinmann told the assembled crowd that his company carried approximately 31,000 passengers last year. The company projects they will more than double that number for 2012 to at least 70,000 passengers. Weinmann further said that Mega Maldives has made great strides in the industry over the last couple of years including increasing the number of scheduled flights to destinations it serves.

Mega Maldives prides itself on the quality of its work force which will easily exceed 200 employees with the addition of the new cabin crews. As a source of additional pride, the company says that about 60% of their total workforce is from the Maldives. Among the current workers there are 94 in cabin crews with the remaining employees scattered across the ground crew and administrative duties. The new cabin crew members will spend the next several months in training, both in the Maldives and abroad.

The announcement from Mega Maldives is important not only in terms of the local economy, but also in comparison with the rest of the Vanilla Islands. It goes without saying that all inclusive Maldives holidays are just as inviting and enjoyable as those offered by Seychelles and Mauritius. Yet at the same time, the Maldives suffers from an image problem which prevents it from seeing the sort of numbers her neighbour’s post. A stronger airline is but one of the things foreigners need to see to encourage them to visit the Maldives.

Without a doubt, the Maldives is a splendid place to visit for holiday. It enjoys the same magnificent weather and natural surroundings as her Indian Ocean cousins. Yet one of the things that make the Maldives a unique holiday experience is the fact that so many islands make up the country. By the numbers the country consists of nearly 1200 individual islands of which 200 are used primarily for local residents. The remaining 900 are devoted to tourism and culture to the extent that island hopping is one of the favourite things to do on a Maldivian holiday.

Lastly, luxury resorts in the Maldives tend to be a bit smaller and more private because of the limited amount of real estate on every island. Couples looking for an intimate hideaway love the Maldives just for that very reason. Perhaps the country should be on top of your list when you’re considering your 2012 holiday plans. Despite what you may have heard, the Maldives is open for business and ready to receive you.

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