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Maldives is a set of islands with natural exquisite beauty that no person on earth could resist and would dream for a vacation at least once in a lifetime. Not only are its pristine beaches and lush greenery that has attracted the many tourists but the amazing history of Maldives also one of the most interesting facts of the country. Maldives has been a country with much strategic importance since the ancient times because of its location in the Indian Ocean. Kings and Queens known as Radun and Ranin in Maldives ruled the country at that time and their closest relatives are Sri Lanka and India which had been allies for centuries.

Asia and East Africa used cowrie shells as their main source of currency in the ancient time and it was Maldives who provided and them and had a great importance in trading. When it came to the 16th century, the country was taken over by the Europeans. The country was colonized and the trading activities were all taken to the power of the invaders. It was the Portuguese, Dutch and the French on order who at occasional times interfered in the local politics. The foreign interferences came to a halt when the country became a British territory in the 19th century. In 1965 the Maldivians gained independence from the British. Even though the British continued to use an air base in the southernmost atoll named Gan until 1976 when they completely departed from the country. The Maldivians found it challenging in the 1990’s when the modernization and economical development began to rise.

It is believed that the early ages of Maldives were originated through settlers from the Indian subcontinent and it is proved through the cultural, linguistic and oral traditions and customs of the people. While you are on your lavishing holiday to Maldives do not forget to walk around and explore the historical wonders which would certainly give you much pleasure and knowledge. Your holiday would be surely enthralling in one of the Maldives Resorts. Kurumba Maldives is a place that promises its guests a dream holiday surrounded by elegant beauty and exotic surroundings. This is where you should head to If you are looking for Maldives Island Resorts.

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