Maldives Watersports – Adventures in Paradise!

Taken from the Sanskrit word that translates to “garland of islands”, the Maldives is in fact made up of over 1,000 islets. The country has a total of 26 atolls and offers a truly enchanting coastal getaway that is ideal for all types of travellers; be it couples looking for a romantic seaside escape, those wanting to spend some quality time with the family or independent travellers looking to embark on a journey of discovery. Set amidst the azure waters of the Indian Ocean, the Maldives has also become a popular destination for those looking to experience the thrill of watersports.

Due to the rich marine life that can be found within the waters around the Maldives, the country is one of the best places in the world for snorkelling. This fun watersport activity can be enjoyed by young and old alike and no prior training is required. The clear waters give you the chance to view an astounding array of colourful corals and fish including such species as parrotfish, butterflyfish and sweetlips.

Those in search of more adrenaline pumping action also have many options to choose from. Surfing is a popular activity than can be enjoyed especially in North and South Male’ Atoll where you will find some great surf breaks. For more excitement on the water you can try your hand at water-skiing, while windsurfing on the lagoons also provides plenty of fun in the sun and the surf. Giving you the chance to soar like a bird in the sky, parasailing which employs the use of high-speed boats and parachutes is another thrilling watersport not to be missed.

If you prefer a more laidback activities, you can try your hand at catamaran sailing which gives you a chance to leisurely take in the country’s breathtaking coastal beauty. The Maldives is a great place for fishing as well, while other water based activities include wakeboarding, kite-surfing and jet skiing.

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