Maldives Victory Day – Honouring a Brave Sacrifice

Victory Day in Maldives is celebrated in early November and is not to be confused with its Independence Day which falls on the twenty sixth of July or Republic Day which falls on the eleventh of November. Victory Day honours the lives lost in thwarting a coup that took place in the hours of dawn on the third of November 1988. The coup was led by Sagaru Nasir and Luthfy, two prominent local businessmen, with the aid of mercenaries, against the then leader President Gayoom.

The government was able to successfully stop the coup with assistance from the Indian army. President Gayoom requested help from the Indian government and Indian paratroopers came in within twelve hours. By the fourth of November the coup had come to an end. When their plan fell apart some of the rebels who participated in the coup were able to escape on a ship by taking hostages. It is not just a time for commemorating the events of that dark period, but it is also a time of mourning for the nineteen citizens who lost their lives during the attempted coup. It has now become a symbol of the island’s solidarity and perseverance.

While Victory Day marks a dark period in the island nation’s history, there are more joyous national occasions for tourists to enjoy. The Maldivian Independence Day is always fun to witness. The grandest of celebrations take place at Republic Square, which is located in Male, the capital. There is a parade, displays of traditional dance and plenty of music. Republic Day commemorates the anniversary of Maldives becoming a republic. The highlight of this celebration is the parade put on by members of the National Cadet Corps and the National Defence Force.

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