Maldives Making Major Steps to Improve its Tourism

Maldives luxury holidays have come under intense pressure in recent months due to the level of competition from countries like the Seychelles and the Mauritius. The financial crisis has also contributed to the difficult times for the tourism industry. It has meant the country has had to take major steps to get ahead of its natural rivals.

Recently, one of the directors of the Universal group, Mohamed Umar Manik said one of the keys to success was to increase the bed capacity of its resorts. He said the prominence of private retreats meant many other resorts were losing out. The Maldives is only a small country; therefore, it only has a limited amount of space and must make the most of it.

The director spoke to Haveeru and said the Maldives must begin expanding its bed capacity in 2013 in anticipation of a surge of tourists. One of the reasons for this is because the effects of the financial crisis are beginning to lessen so tourists are more likely to choose an exotic location like the Maldives.

He said to Haveeru, “Our tourism will grow as much as we allow the increase of beds. About two or three percent growth is observed. Hence, if that growth cannot be attained, it is a loss for us. Beds should increase with the amount of visitors. It is a must. Developing the resorts already planned is the most important thing we can do for now.”

Statistics from the Tourism Ministry revealed there were still over 50 resorts in need of development. Most were working well under their maximum capacities. The reasons for this differ between resorts, but much of it comes from the results of the financial collapse of 2008 which left many tour companies and resort operators in desperate need of capital to make improvements and invest in the future of their facilities. Tourism Minister Ahmed Adeeb announced he was fervently searching for new ways of securing funds.

However, the Maldives is not the only country suffering from a lack of financial investment. The Seychelles and the Mauritius have also encountered similar problems, although to different extents. It has meant the countries have started to work together in an effort to promote regional tourism, as opposed to simply tourism to one country. Through the aid of these other nations and their tourism ministries, the country has begun to make significant progress on the world stage.

The region as a whole is now gaining substantial publicity because of its increased media exposure and the spiralling prices in many European countries meaning many tourists are unable to holiday in this area of the world.

This increasing success on the world tourism stage was also recently bolstered by an increase in the number of flights flying to and from Maldivian airports.

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