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Maldives is a Tourist’s Paradise on the Verge of Extinction – Visit Before It’s Too Late

Maldives is the tourist’s paradise, situated in the Indian Ocean is the lowest country in the world and is on the verge of extinction thanks to global warming and rising sea levels. Maldives is a collection coral islands bustling with vibrant sea life, clean beaches, colorful lagoons and ample warm sun. People over here are peace loving and friendly as they extend customary Islamic greeting of As-salaam-Aalaikum to visitors in the Maldives is a passionate desire for peace and rightly illustrates the serenity of this Indian Ocean heaven. Holidaying in Maldives will look as if tourists relaxing in some of the most thrilling and awe-inspiring feelings of their lives in a surroundings that features tranquility and gorgeousness beyond words.

Located in the Indian Ocean, the Maldives is made up of 1190 islands spread out across 90, 000 square km of magnificent Indian Ocean. The collection consists of 26 natural coral islands, which are located exactly on the equator having a population of only about 300,000 people on 200 populated islands. Distinctive to coral island formations the islands in this 2,000 km stretch of Indian Ocean gems are confined from strong breeze and wave activities by their atoll formations. Since Maldives is located in the equatorial belt these islands are safe from any harsh cyclones.

The hot weather of the islands guarantees a pleasant temperature that sees very less deviation in day temperatures all through the year. Maximum temperatures during the daytime are just about 32 degrees Celsius and minimum temperatures hardly ever go down under 24 degrees Celsius. There are overall 91 resorts on the Maldivian islands where tourists are pampered to the limits and their needs quickly looked after by devoted, responsive and caring employees. These resorts carry out innumerable activities inspired from the breathtaking aquatic and natural magnificence of the islands that consist of water sports, visiting tourist hotspots, colorful nightlife and excellent banquets.

The island provides some of the best scuba diving facilities to be found anyplace on the earth and the resorts provide a number of wide-ranging diving services. Visitors can as well go on sightseeing on the island pleasure trips. There are a few of the other activities like top-notch surfing, fishing and self-indulgent local spa healings that put the finishing touches to the Maldives resort holidays.

The Maldives provide the fervent traveler and first time vacationer the same chance to stretch out in the serenity and lingering splendor of one of the best holiday destination across the world. Therefore, don’t dither if you are thinking of a Maldives holiday; you will be delighted, indulged and revitalized and depart with memories that you will remember for your entire lifetime. To end with, time might be running out to go on a Maldivian holidays in the lowest land mass on the earth, and this transient makes these coral island jewels look as if all the more valuable, with the understanding that in a few years from now they may perhaps be a buried wealth accessible to no one.

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