Maldives Honeymoons… The Most Romantic Place the World Over!

Honeymooners love the Maldives and thus it’s very popular. The most popular resorts are typically booked a year in advance so reserve early if you’re considering the Maldives as a honeymoon destination. The average temperature is very mild all year and it stays quite nice so you can travel there during the winter and still have an enjoyable time.

Due to its 5-star branding, The Maldives can be a very expensive place to visit. It’s designed for people wanting an exclusive tropical island holiday. Spending your honeymoon in the Maldives is very special; however most newlyweds save money for years to afford their honeymoons.

The Maldives boast some of the best and most exclusive honeymoon resorts the world over. Here’s a sampling of a few:

– Banyan Tree Maldives – Vabbinfaru – Four Seasons Resort Maldives – Soneva Gili Resort and Spa – Vakarufalhi Island Resort – Vilu Reef Beach and Spa Resort – Mirihi Island Resort – Laguna Maldives – Olhuveli Beach and Spa Resort

Whichever resort you choose, you’ll no doubt experience 5-star service. Most people don’t want to leave after their honeymoon comes to an end.

Honeymooners love the Maldives because of its seclusion. There are no cars on the islands, thus they are devoid of noise caused by traffic. There is nothing more special than a cruising on a boat; gliding over crystal blue water while surrounded by a variety of aquatic fish and coral just under toe.

Another honeymoon option is staying in a private over-water bungalow. These offer the privacy seeking guest seclusion, your own white sand beach, and lagoon at your footsteps.

Two places to consider while visiting while on your honeymoon:

Male – The capital city of this island nation is the most commercially developed. It’s one of the few places on the Maldives you can shop and eat outside of your resort.

Makunudu Island – Makunudu Island is infamous for its gold sand beaches and walk ways lined by palm trees. You’ll feel like you’re one with nature here in a most romantic setting. The Maldives as a back drop, it’s the perfect setting for the most romantic honeymoon ever.

Maldives honeymoons are very romantic. If you’re planning a honeymoon in Maldives then get free information by visiting my site at

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