Maldives Holidays

Almost all the countries of the world are vying to be known as tourist spots because of the potential boost to the economy that tourism can bring. Recent developments in the industry have spurred many of these countries to dress up their tourist spots and attract more people. Maldives, however, has a definite advantage when it comes to pure untampered surroundings, idyllic weather and its perfect location. Maldives holidays have come to stand for luxury, enchanting sights and a chance to discover new things, therefore bringing more people each year.

The magical land of the Maldives is made up of both inhabited and uninhabited islands. From a total of 1190 islands, only two hundred are inhabited which leaves a large area for exploration and discovery for all the Robinson Crusoes in you. Out of the 200 inhabited islands, eighty are well maintained tourist resorts that are of a high standard for international tourists.

Maldives offers much to be seen and enjoyed. For those who would like to stay at the resorts, you are guaranteed an excellent time and many facilities like water sports etc. for the whole family to enjoy. The Maldives people will make you feel cared for and welcome because they are warm and caring. The Artificial Beach, Mulee Aage Palace, Esjehi Art Gallery, the beaches of Maldives, Hukuru Misliiy, the National Museum, the Grand Friday Mosque and the Male Fish Markets are some of the places that should be at the top of your sightseeing list.

The Grand Friday Mosque is perhaps the most important historical building in the Maldives. Its real name is Masjid-al-Sultan Mohammed Thakurufaanu-al-A “z” zam. I suppose you understand now why it’s just called the Grand Friday Mosque. Constructed in 1656, this imposing structure has enough space for five thousand people. Situated in Male, the mosque is the most obvious feature of the island and is visible form afar.

The Sultans have given the Maldives many of its historical structures. The Sultan Mohammed Shamsudeen the third built the magnificent Mulee Aage Palace in 1906 for his son. Constructed in front of the Grand Friday Mosque, it became the official residence of the president of Maldives after being declared a republic. Since then, it has now become an office for the president and is used for official meetings by the government officials.

Due to the presence of many historical structures, Male is the base of the National Museum. The museum stands inside the Sultan’s Park, which used to be a part of the Sultan’s palace. Many of the objects in the museum help people view the royal lives of these historical persons and the grandeur of their homes.

Male, the capital city of Maldives, is the only city that does not have a beach of its own. However, this did not deter the people from enjoying the beach. An artificial beach has been constructed so that visitors and locals can enjoy their time in the various activities provided. Water sports and many other such games make this artificial beach at par with real beaches.

Maldives holidays are perhaps better and more enjoyable than in any other part of the world. With climate, facilities, history and nature all combining to make it a paradise for many people, Maldives is surely a spot you should look out for while planning a holiday.

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