Maldives Holidays- The Rejuvenated Spirit All Along!

Holidays are rejuvenating and fill the rest of the work schedule of the year with fun memories. They keep the mind energetic to endure the entire work-pressure ready to overwhelm you on resuming professional responsibilities. This time we have brought Maldives for your soul parched for water and beach fun. Luxury family holidays in Maldives will be full of seclusion, away from pressing crowd where you can be on your own.

Maldives- The Land of Sun, Sea and Sand (The Triple ‘S’)

Well, not exactly a sea (it just goes with the rhyme!) is being talked about but the Indian Ocean in which the island nation of Maldives is located. Smallest and lowest Asian country, it thrives on its tourism which has just started to pick up with increased awareness. Its capital Male is the prime place of focus by both political and tourism point of view. Although, the country was severely hit by tsunami resulted from the earthquake in Indian Ocean in the year 2004 (when the coastal areas of South Asian countries faced the natural assault) but it has been a long time since then. Tourists keep the economy thriving and nature gives all its assistance that it can.

Maldives vacations are thus full of leisurely walks on the sandy beaches, sunbathing in hammocks / beach chairs and unlimited opportunities of water sports on the waves of Indian Ocean. Start with:

Scuba Diving- The Maldives’ Way

Amazing on its own, you will rather love it when you take a dive alongside your partner. The show of natural colours is a must see. The marine ecosystem including coral reef and marine animals (rays, sharks, different fish species, etc) will make you feel the presence of divine, even when you are not thinking on these lines.

Remembering few things come handy. Avoid south west monsoon (best time for diving- Jan to Apr). The region can get extremely wet and flooded. Additionally, just when you strapping on your diving suit, beware that heat stroke is a common problem on such tropical islands. Bringing own dive gear is highly suggested.


One more way to spend luxury Maldives holidays is angling. Hire a boat along with staff and be off on some place to try on your fishing gears as well as your skills. Don’t forget to remain adequately hydrated. Amuse yourself with any kind of (unlucky!) fish that takes your bait. This provides an excellent time to bond with the younger member of your family. All those talks that you wanted to share with them but couldn’t due to being time strapped could be done here.

Other activities with which you can get to enjoy this island country are windsurfing, water skiing, snorkelling, swimming and kite boarding. Indulge in newer experience!

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