Maldives Holidays – Indian Ocean Crown Jewel Getaways In Dramatic Ambience

Assalaam Alaikum! This traditional Maldivian greeting denotes a wish for peace for all those it is directed to. And peace and tranquillity is, along with breathtaking beauty, one of the Maldives archipelago’s defining characteristics. Maldives holidays in this Indian Ocean island group is the ultimate vacation destination for those wanting to recharge body and soul in friendly, relaxed and stunningly beautiful surroundings.

Strung out like pearls across 90, 000 kms square of stunning indigo ocean, the Maldives archipelago consists of 1190 picture perfect islands clustered into 26 coral atolls. Straddling the equator the group has 200 inhabited islands with a relatively small population of just under 300,000 souls.

As is the case with most atoll structures the Maldives islands are generally sheltered from wave and wind action by their protective coral halos. Being located in the equatorial region, the islands are free of the severe storms encountered in other tropical areas.

The Maldives tropical climate sees warm, balmy weather year round with very little variation in daily temperatures. The daytime maximums average out at approximately 31 deg C and the temperature seldom dips below 25 deg C. The hottest month is, on average, April and the coolest is December. The islands have a mean average of 2000 mm of rain annually.

The Maldivian capital Male, is a bustling, vibrant city of some 100,000 permanent residents and offers visitors an eclectic selection of cultural, sporting and sightseeing opportunities. Boasting a rich historic heritage the city, along with the rest of the island group, can be relied on to delight visitors with stunning places of interest, open air markets, fine dining, sports and a vibrant nightlife.

The islands offer some of the finest scuba diving anywhere in the world and the resorts offer several comprehensive dive services. Guests can also take in the sights on island hopping excursions or capture their memories from the air on a photo flight. World class surfing, fishing and decadent spa treatments are some of the other activities that round off the Maldives resort experience.

The Maldives offer the dedicated globe trotter and first time traveller alike the opportunity to bask in the tranquillity and haunting beauty of one the world’s true vacation gems. So, don’t hesitate if you are considering a Maldive holiday; you will be enchanted, pampered and rejuvenated and leave with a heavy heart and unforgettable memories.

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