Maldives Holidays Add unique Refreshment to Your Life

No matter whether you are water sports lovers or looking for an incredible honeymoon destination, Maldives would always remain in the top priorities. This is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the entire Asia. Every year hundreds and thousands of people plan cheap holidays to Maldives to experience spectacular beach life. The country is home to over 9000 small islets. Besides gorgeous beaches, the archipelago is also famous for its intriguing culture and traditions and rich past.

Beaches complete Maldives holidays. If you are ignoring beaches while visiting Maldives, you are missing out on the most important attraction of the country. Some of the most popular beaches in Maldives are Royal Island Paradise, Sun Island Beach, Fuammulak and Paradise Island. These beaches are not only famous for their serenity and tranquillity but also for the availability of wide array of marine activities. Some of the aquatic activities you can be a part of are swimming, snorkelling, diving and sailing. However, surfing is the activity that entices large number of adventure lovers.

Cheap holidays to the Maldives are a life time opportunity for surfing lovers. While surfing in the waters of archipelago, you get an opportunity to understand new definition of thrill and adventure. Whether you are an expert or just starting up with the sport, you can easily find surfing destination that suits your level in best possible way. Sites that are recommended for beginners allow you to master the skill. Popular stretch that is apt for surfing is known as Chickens. This spectacular surfing spot is located along the North Male Atoll’s eastern reef. Another notable surfing spot in the country is Cokes.

Male, the capital city also needs a special mention, if planning holidays to Maldives. Capital city does not have beach however, it doesn’t mean that you cannot get a feel of beach life. It has an artificial beach where you can indulge in variety of marine activities. Another worth visiting attraction in the city is Grand Friday Mosque. This is the largest museum in country and is also known as Masjid-al-Sultan Mohammed Thakurufaanu-al-A “z” Zam. Sultan Ibrahim Iskandhar built this beautiful mosque in 1656.

If you are an art lover, visiting this museum is a must. While visiting the mosque, you can take a closer look at coral engravings and spectacular minarets. The mosque also features tombs of members of royal families and number of national heroes. History lovers planholidays to the Maldives especially to visit the National Museum in the capital city of Male. Ex-Prime Minister inaugurated this museum on November 11th 1952.

National Museum was established to preserve the history of the country. The museum is governed by Maldivian Centre for Linguistic and Historical Research. There are three floors in the museum. Exhibitions in the museum exhibit stone objects, historical artifacts, royal antiquities and fragments. If you want to feel the refreshment of nature, Jumhoorie Maidan is the place to visit. It is located in Republic square of Maldives and was established in 1989. It has emerged as main venue for social gatherings.

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