Maldives Famous Landmarks – What Maldives has to offer for sightseeing

The Grand Friday Mosque is indeed worth seeing with its old impressive architecture belonging to the days of 1656 when Sultan Ibrahim Skandhar first built it, and to this day, it remains as the biggest mosque in the country. There are a few other mosques worth visiting and of these, the oldest one is Hukuru Miskiiy. The National Museum of Maldives invariably attracts a great deal of attention as it was once an old palace and today is located at Sultan’s Park which belongs to a part of the Sultan’s Palace. In here, one can see many different items of clothing, accessories and costumes including armour that once adorned kings and queens. Speaking of royalty, the Mulee Agee Palace cannot be surpassed without noticing its striking appearance and its convenient location opposite the Friday Mosque. The art gallery Esjehi is also located in Sultan Park and deserves a visit as it is one of the oldest buildings in the country.

If one is tired of glancing over these memoirs of history, it’s time to step into a more noisy and lively segment of the city by stepping over to the fish market. While the markets are thronged with people right around the day time, the mere viewing of the different kind of fishes can be engrossing. It might even tempt you to go fishing by yourself, and this, in Maldives is a relaxing affair and can even be done after sunset, perched on a rocky mount under the full moon. If a crowd of friends or a social gathering appeals to you, head over to the Jumhoorie Maidan which is the best place for social gatherings; better known as the Republic Square of Maldives, visitors will enjoy meeting up in the midst of its lavish green plantations and trees.

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