Maldives Dive Destinations – A World in Itself

The ocean that surrounds the Maldives is a treasure-trove of the finest collection of vibrant fish and colourful corals. It has been known worldwide for this remarkable feature. The clarity of the waters, the temperatures of the surroundings and the easy access to these dive spots makes diving a “must do” activity in the Maldives.

Maldivian diving is a world in itself. Hundreds of amazing dive spots are scattered across the surrounding ocean with varying depths, water pressure, marine and coral life and underwater vegetation. You can handpick your dive destination depending on your viewing preferences and of course diving expertise. Overall the Maldivian waters house sharks, manta rays, turtles, schooling game fish and an exquisite collection of colourful corals. Each dive site has its specific attraction and has a differing popularity for different species.
To start your underwater adventure head down to the Male Atoll; this popular atoll has a number of dive spots that ensures you a fulfilled diving experience. These include the Mysterious Maldivian Wreck Dive Site that is known for its batfish and barracuda population and of course it houses the mysterious wreck of the Maldives victory ship; quite intriguing to explore.

The Banana Reef, known for its banana shape, is also a popular stop over to dive at. Catering to all types of divers, this spot boasts marine life inhabitants such as the Napolean wrasse, banner fish, giant squirrel fish and many others. The beautiful soft corals add to the paradise effect of this spot and the many caves and gutters make it exciting and mysterious, all the more inviting to explore.

The Maagri Caves is also another favourite. As the name has it, it has plenty of mysterious caves and is known for its excellent numbers of rays and eels. There are other places like the just discovered Kudu and Lions head which are just a few of the many amazing places to explore in Maldives.

After an adventurous day diving in the Maldives, come home to Kurumba Maldives. This is one of the finest Maldives resorts that boast of all the comforts you will ever need. This luxury hotels Maldives proudly boasts as its own offers a truly unforgettable stay in paradise.

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