Maldives Dining Experience: A taste of Maldives dining

It’s the perfect coastal vacation by the definition of many. These wave girt islands with their richness of succulent seafood never fail to surprise the traveler with their irresistible preparations. With a range of fish, fresh from the sea, the dining scene in Maldives comprises of turning these into succulent dishes that are consumed with rice as a typical day’s meal including fish soup (Garudhiya). Rihaakuru better known as fish paste is also a popular side dish wile chapatti as well as mus kuni made up of grated coconut, fish and lemon as well as fried yams are commonly popular dishes.

Something that distinguishes the dining experiences at Maldives is the exotic locations in which one can savour these delicious dishes. Its where you can dip into a juicy lobster or taste a preparation of fish with a serving of sauce while settling into a deck chair that sits on the edge of the water or better still from a restaurant located in one of the many water villas that are directly placed over the water. There’s always the endless stretch of sand where under a sun umbrella or a night beach party where you can enjoy some grilled seafood or a barbecue or fried fish or kebabs and dance or groove or during daytime take a dip in the sea.

The one enchanting location that truly changes one’s Maldives dining experience is the underwater restaurant. The glass covering that separates but does not exclude you from witnessing the ever so lively sea world with its crowds of frolicking fish, and sea weed and corals is something that changes the very ambience and makes you feel as if you are in another world while you settle down to your meal. This exotic experience is truly remarkable and is something one shouldn’t miss out on while being at Maldives.

A definite way to experience the best of Maldives dining is to stay over at one of the famous Maldives resorts. Nestling among the lush tropical plantations the Kurumba Maldives is a tropical haven with a few steps to the beach with soothing interiors and eight residential options to select from. From Arabian Nights to spicy North Indian cuisine to the pizza taste of Italy or the fired noodles of China, it is a place to enjoy the world’s best dishes at this delightful coastal location. From among the many luxury hotels Maldives, this one stands out with its premier, specious residences with ravishing views as well as this international buffet that varies constantly throughout the week to provide more enjoyment and diversity of culinary experiences.

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