Maldives Customs – Experience an Interesting Side to the Maldives

The scenic beauty presented by the islands of Maldives gives one the feeling of being in a piece of heaven itself. With perfect white sandy shores, crystal blue seas, gracefully swaying palms and the most hospitable locals you could imagine, this place makes the ultimate destination for romance, fun and relaxation. The culture and customs of the warm friendly citizens of Maldives is just as intriguing as the land they reside on.

Maldivians also known as the Dhivehis have a diverse culture that enwraps you in the gentle hues of traditional colour and sea charm. Although the exact genesis of Maldivian culture is still a mystery, these colourful traditions have deep roots that date back to the variety of communities that have proudly called this breathtaking paradise their home. Today Maldivians are followers of Islam and have strong influences of the religion in their vibrant and exotic culture. The language commonly spoken is called Dhivehi, which originated from Sanskrit, as Buddhism was the prevailing religion 2000 years ago.

The islands of Maldives are a land of festivities. Celebrating every occasion that features on the Islamic calendar, any time of the year you may be a part of these colourful traditional fiestas. Local delicacies and sweets pack the shelves of shops as women and children dressed in colourful traditional outfits crowd the streets of the city. The sound of folk music enwraps passers by giving you a taste of this culture which is definitely something to relish.

Maldivians are also known for their customary craft works. From red mats, tortoise shell ornaments, lacquer ware, to plenty of other goods, the Maldivian stores are packed with them all. Explore intricate calligraphy in mosques and artistic carvings on tombstones that display the esteemd skills of the Maldivians. Boat building also makes an intricate part of the local culture. Plenty of craftsmen can be seen at work building sturdy dhonis and practicing the culture of this traditional land.

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