Maldives An Idyllic Holiday Destination

Maldives is a cluster of 1190 tiny coral islands which is located in the warm Indian Ocean. In spite of such a big number of islands present that is 1190 in Maldives only 202 islands are inhabited. Maldives largest revenue generator is its tourism industry therefore out of 202, 44 islands are turned into resort islands.

Away from the modernity of the cityscape, life in Maldives is stripped down to simplicity, in its truest sense. A stunning backdrop of bright blues skies, coupled with all-year sunshine is an exotic destination for travellers, where they can spend their days revelling the very essence of idyll living.

Once said to be a poor nation Maldives has improved itself by tourism industry, fishing, boat construction and boat repairing. Such type of industry has improved Maldives economy in which tourism has played a remarkable role. Some of the facts about Maldives are that in Asia Maldives is the smallest country in terms of population and smallest predominantly Muslim country in the world. The capital of Maldives is Male which has the largest population almost two third of the people of Maldives occupies this city.

Earth at its best to simply put and nature’s unmatched choreography, Maldives is all this and beyond. The bluest waters on the planet, pristine ambience, blossoming aquatic life and sunsets that almost leave you making music with melancholy, it’s a touch beyond your comprehension and a reality beyond your facts.

Maldives is a very small country but is blessed with incredible natural charm. When you visit Maldives, it is difficult to have a single dull moment here. Excellent travel ideas in Maldives are so many that you may find it difficult to accommodate all of them in a single trip.

Maldives is truly the trendiest destination of today. There is no other destination that is more stress appeasing and spiriting than visiting Maldives during your family friendly holidays. Located in the India Ocean and stretching across Lakshadweep islands, Maldives has come as a surprise in terms of its tourism.

Maldives has it all the right flavors to make your holidays last a lifetime. You name it, Maldives has it- dreamy beaches, shimmering azure waters, exciting shopping experience, exhilarating nightlife, pulsating water activities, best resorts, exotic spas and much more! It is a perfect place to unwind yourself, sitting on a glorious beach with your precious family.

The cobalt blue waters, sun dipped beaches and pleasant weather has made Maldives a byword for family friendly holiday destination. Its incredible coral reefs, unbridled natural beauty and idyllic panaroma are perfectly in sync with its modernization.

Maldives is extremely tourist friendly as their economy partial depends on income from tourism. There are several choices in international airlines which can get travellers to Maldives. Once there, smaller air taxis and boats can take travellers between the islands. Maldives offers everything from budget to ultra-luxury accommodations through its islands. In fact, many of the islands also serve as private resort sanctuaries.

Maldives is a dream holiday destination with numerous top class attractions. With its charming sandy beaches and pristine lagoons, Maldives is known to drown many a travellers in its incredible beauty. Lofty palm trees lining the beaches, vibrant coral reefs adorning the clear lagoons along with most astonishing resorts complete the wonderful picture.

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